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Lanmodo Car Umbrella Protects Your Car in Winter

Mar 11, 2019, 4:51 pm / Evelyn Smith
Cars need to be cared for, loved and protected whatever is the season of the year. When they are well maintained, they will serve you back with long time usage and with the best service that you can imagine. Especially in winter, the Lanmodo car umbrella has an assurance that it will provide your car with necessary protection from snow, hail and even low temperature.

Protect Your Car With Lanmodo Car Umbrella When It Snows

The weather is usually harsh during the winter season. It is during this time that snow falls from the sky and may bring damage to your car roof, as well as the windshield and wipers. The snow proof car umbrella is guaranteed to give adequate shield to your vehicle, whatever is the type - sedan, suv, minivan or others. Lanmodo car umbrella is snow proof, which means that it is resistant to the harsh conditions of winter. The Oxford cloth canopy is so strong that it can remain undamaged, even if the snow has a thickness of 5 to 10 centimeters. The car tent works simply, so that when the snowfall is over, you can just unfasten it with a click of a button and clean off the snow from the vehicle. It is also the time to clean your car umbrella, which is easy to do, using just water and a mild soap, if required.

Lanmodo car with umbrella surely gives you peace of mind because there is no reason to worry about your car getting damaged by snow fall. You will be happy that it is safe and guarded and ready to run, when you wake up the next morning.

Lanmodo Car Umbrella Rrotects Your Car From Hail

Hail storms can come at anytime, whether you are at work or at home and when you leave your precious vehicle in an open parking or by the side of the road. Hails are pellets of frozen rain that falls from the sky and they may come down and hit your car roof hard and cause damage to it. The last thing you want is for the car to get damaged, not only because of the cost of having it repaired, but also because it may bring inconvenience to you. So to prevent your vehicle from getting hit by hail, get it protected by Lanmodo car umbrella. It is hail proof, being strongly and solidly built, using fiberglass materials and Oxford canopy. These stuff are the reason why the car umbrella is very beneficial to any car owner. Whether it is hail or breeze or rainfall or snow fall or any hard falling object, your car remains safe regardless of the season of the year.

Lanmodo Has Three Windproof Designs to Protect in Windy Weather

Besides snow and hail, strong winds can also become an enemy of your car, when it does not have any protective umbrella on its roof. There is no type of car cover that can provide safety to your vehicle more than the Lanmodo car umbrella. This innovative car umbrella is designed to offer strong resistance to wind with a 13m/s strength. This amazing car umbrella has 3-wind proof design, to protect your vehicle from the windy weather. All these features give your car tent stability and make it impossible for it to be blown away by the wind. If you can not find a climate controlled parking space for your car, you never have to worry about the wind. Simply install your car umbrella and you can be sure that your car gets the protection it deserves.

Lanmodo Car Umbrella All-In-One Unit Works in Winter As a Camping Tent

This car umbrella is not just a car tent. When some extra parts and 8-side canopy are attached to it, it can dramatically change into a camping tent. Whenever you need a beach umbrella, a shelter for fishing, a tent for an outdoor movie theater, you do not have to look far, as stands and side canopies are available to give the tent the necessary support. The other amazing thing about this car umbrella is, you will be provided with a USB port, located just near the suction base. This is great for charging your electronic devices and also for your LED light needs.

When it is used as a camping tent, the umbrella will not let you be bothered by falling leaves, bird dropping, snow, hail and other falling elements. Additionally, it can provide sleeping space for your friends and family. Therefore, whether you are planning an outdoor activity for 2 or for your family of 6, the tent allows you to spread out, instead of sleeping in cramped, uncomfortable positions.

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