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Lanmodo Auto Car Umbrella Makes Your Car Keep Cool

Mar 6, 2019, 5:46 pm / Lara
The summer is coming, and so is the holiday season. Already chosen your goal, have your vehicle repaired and ready for the long journey? But there is one thing that bothers you year by year: every time you stop for the rest, the summer sun does the best, and increases the temperature of your vehicle to the unbeatable level. Therefore, you should need a car umbrella: an evolution car cover for your vehicles.

This screen not only helps to protect your car from sun exposure; it will also protect from acid rain, bird droppings, dust and more. There are different colors available so you can choose your car umbrella to give a personal look. The cars will fight the elements as much as we do. Rain and heat can cause devastating damage both outside and inside. If you have found a parking lot, then you certainly know what I am talking about. Even if you have a covered place, you still have your car to park in open spaces very often, and the same conditions will affect your car in the long run. When prolonged exposure to rain damage the outer metal body of your car, reduce its life. On the other hand, solar radiation can make the outside color disappear faster.

I believe you will love to know how it works

A special design allows the screen to cover the entire vehicle. It also provides a space between the ceiling and the accessories to keep the car from direct sunlight. As a result, a car with Lanmodo car umbrella is about 36 degrees cooler than without protection. Are you afraid that someone will steal it? There are two wires in the rope theft prevention, and not so easy to cut. This innovative umbrella can be everywhere!
The best solution to your problem is Lanmodo car umbrella . Auto Lanmodo umbrella offers a number of advantages. This screen car is available in two variants: car and semi-automatic. In this summary, we will adhere to the first. After the package is purchased and opened, you will notice that the wireless remote is inside. Install the umbrella and click on the button in just 8 seconds to open the Lanmondo car umbrella, you will need total about 30 seconds to mount this gadget on your car roof. You will also find a warranty card and a user guide.

Just imagine all the features this amazing car cover has to offer:

  1. You will no longer be sitting in a hot car. These spectacular car umbrellas reduce the indoor temperature up to 36 degrees Celsius.
  2. It is so compact and can easily pack in the loader room. It will only take 85cm of storage space.
  3. Even your little ones can bring it from the back of the car because their weight is only 6kg.
  4. After installation and fully opened, the dimensions of 2100 mm x 3500 mm screens, so it can fit several vehicles.
  5. Your roof will never be exposed directly to the waves of the sun, thanks to the anti-heating theory.
  6. The top of your vehicle cleaning will be a piece of cake as of now. The Lanmondo car umbrella prevents dust, bird droppings, UV waves and acid rain interact with your roof.

Here are many reasons why you should choose Lanmodo car umbrella:

  1. In vehicles exposed to a long period of sun exposure, exposed too many damage.
  2. The car paint is mostly affected. When the car is made of metal, which is a good heat conductor, the vehicle is too hot to touch and the things inside the vehicle (food, gadgets, etc.) are also damaged.
  3. But because of its characteristics of the solar system, Lanmodo car umbrella protects your car from harsh solar rays and prevents hot.
  4. If the vehicle is parked too long in the sun, even if the surface temperature increase screen, will not be transferred to the car. You will find a noticeable difference in the temperature of about 36 degrees cooler in the car when it is used.
  5. Along with this, because it acts as an additional layer on your car, you do not have to worry about acid rain or dust or bird droppings. Marquee car has proven design double wind and not be damaged in windy conditions.
  6. It has in total of four wind ropes which makes it very stable on the car. The rope of the umbrella comprises of wire which cannot be easily cut and stolen away. The umbrellas suction were made of soft material so as to prevent your car from getting scratches.
  7. The best part about Lanmodo auto car umbrella and semi-auto car umbrella is that you have the opportunity to make it according to your choice. You can choose from blue, black, silver gray and also custom color is available now.
  8. If you have the Lanmodo car umbrella, you do not have stressed out if you need to work outside, take a little nap in the car when traveling or waiting someone. You can enjoy your camping without worrying about your car when your car takes it.
If you want to know more about Lanmodo auto car sunshade or want to buy, please visit Lanmodo website.

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