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Lanmodo Car Umbrella is Not Only For Sunshade but Also For Other Important Uses

Mar 12, 2019, 4:33 pm / Lara
When people hear about Lanmodo car umbrella shade their mind usually goes an ordinary car tent or cover made for sunshade. They usually think that this auto umbrella is made exclusively for car sunshade. But, is Lanmodo auto car umbrella only built for sunshade? The answer is No, as Lanmodo auto umbrella is designed to do other functions order than sunshade feature. This does not mean that the umbrella is not a good sunshade, it only implies that the umbrella offer sunshade function and many other functions. Snowfall can cause huge damage to your car without the umbrella. In this case, the umbrella is not only a sunshade but, also a snow-proof or shade.

Protect your car from daily damage

The Lanmodo car shade umbrella is built with several improved features that made it fit to protect a car from daily damage. Irrespective of the weather condition, several damaging factors can affect your car on a daily basis when you park the car somewhere without a cover. Dirt can reduce the good-looking of your car and ultimately affect the durability of the body paint. As you continue to scrub the car body in order to remove the dirt, you are also removing some part of the paint. This will make the paint fade within a short time. Furthermore, the auto umbrella is built to protect your car from snow, hail, and many other dropping things. With the sturdy architectures and fiberglass materials used in forming the skeleton of this automobile umbrella, you will be confident to park your car outdoor even when there is an effect of hail or high wind due to weather condition.

Used as a beach umbrella or camping tent

With the Lanmodo auto car shade umbrella, your outdoor activities can be made more exciting and enjoyable. This umbrella is built withstand as well as side canopy-easily making it a suitable alternative for beach umbrella or camping tent. This portable and foldable umbrella can easily be folded and store into your car trunk while driving down to the beach or camping ground for your outdoor event. More so, with the easy installation process, you may not need the help of anyone around to install the umbrella in the campground or beach. So, your beach party is not going to be stressful simply because you make use of Lanmodo car umbrella. Setting up of this umbrella and dissembling is very simple and can be done by you alone without having to bother anyone around. In that regard, it is the best multifunctional and multipurpose automobile car umbrella you should go for today.

USB connect to charge phone

When you are outside your home with this car umbrella shade and other electronic devices, you may need to charge the battery of the electronic device. The need to charge the battery of your smartphone, rechargeable torch and other electronic devices usually increases when you are in a campground. Also, while having a nice time with friends or families in a beach party, you may need to call someone only to discover that the battery of your phone is flat already. When any of these things happen while you are with Lanmodo umbrella, the best thing to do is to utilize the USB connects to charge the phone. With the Plug-and-play functionality of the USB connector; you will not need to do anything for you to charge any of your electronic devices. Therefore, you can now see that this car tent is not only made for sunshade but has various other uses.

Promote your business

Involving directly in your business advertising is one of the best ways to convince your target audience and drive more leads. The Lanmodo car umbrella shade is built with customizable canopy, which you can change into an electronic advertising board. The customization on your canopy is not going to compromise the good looks of the umbrella, but will rather enhance it. You can easily print your company logo on the Lanmodo umbrella canopy and carry it anywhere you go as a way to advertise your business to people easily. If you want to accentuate the positive side of your business to people in your target market, you can get it done through mobile advertising, which you can do using the Lanmodo auto umbrella. These and more prove that Lanmodo car umbrella is not just made for sunshade but also for many other important uses. These multipurpose uses have made Lanmodo car umbrella the best among the equals.

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