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Lanmodo Automatic Car Umbrella Makes Life Better

Mar 11, 2019, 4:55 pm / Lara
When you bring your car outside, you would of course want to park it in a place, where it can be protected from the unpleasantly harsh rays of the sun. When the car is exposed in the open for too long, it becomes too hot and uncomfortable on the inside. Then there are also some other outdoor hazards like hail, strong winds, rain, dust, bird droppings and more. These issues are hard for car owners to deal with, from day to day. This is where the Lanmodo automatic car umbrella comes in and it guarantees to make your life better. See the following list of its unbeatable features below:

The Automatic Car Umbrella is Super Easy to Use

You should not worry that you will find the Lanmodo car umbrella difficult to use, because it is not. This car tent is designed to be simple and quite easy to operate, needs only 30 seconds to complete the installation and 8 seconds to unfold. All it needs is a gentle click on the remote and there it expands, ready to go, taking the least amount of time. After using the car umbrella, another click will return it to its folding position, then you can put it in the car trunk without any difficulty. The tent size is just 85 cm and it is very lightweight, you do not have to worry about trunk space and heaviness. The foldable programming makes sure that you can use the umbrella anywhere you want to park it. The car umbrella is made to suit various car sizes and shapes, whether it is a Mini, Sedan, SUV or a Pick Up.

Double Anti-Theft Design of Lanmodo Car Umbrella Keeps It Safe

Do not fret about the possibility of losing your car tent. It will not be stolen. The Lanmodo auto car umbrella is built with a matching remote control, so it can be operated only by you, provided you have the device. You can automatically unfold and retract the umbrella with this wireless remote control, so it is practically impossible for it to be stolen. Then an added security feature is the anti-theft security belt that is attached with a powerful suction to the car front door. The belt is made of steel wire, so it can not be cut so easily. The suction that is attached to the metal roof of your car can reportedly bear a weight of 70 kg. Just imagine the great protection, it provides to your car umbrella, which also gives you a feeling of security. It is theft proof, so never dwell on it being stolen while attached to your car.

Lanmodo Car Umbrella Can Transform Into a Big Umbrella or Camping Tent

Who does not love the outdoors and the beach? People are always planning to go camping or enjoy the beach at every opportunity. The automatic car umbrella by Lanmodo, with extra stands, easily converts into a beach umbrella, to give you that very important sunshade during your holiday. It is not only about the beach, but the car tent can provide you and your family or a group of more than 7 friends an ideal place to appreciate nature together during your camping. You can take delight or pleasure in a variety of outdoor activities whether you want to unwind or just make your bonding stronger. You can also go fishing or have a picnic with the family. The car tent contains a USB port, which allows you to connect a LED light or charge your electronic devices. This car umbrella is really innovative; because it also enables you to watch your favorite movies outdoors. Whether you are deeply attracted to horror, action or romantic movies, the car umbrella will enable you to watch them under the sky. The inside of the canopy has a silver coating that you can use as a screen. Do not forget to bring a projector and you will be set to watch the most popular actors and actresses to your utmost satisfaction.

Customize Your Own Design To Make Your Car Umbrella Unique

Lanmodo car umbrella can be customized. It means that you can choose its color, character and pattern, so that you can get the exact specs that you want for your umbrella. Another wonderful feature of the umbrella is that you can brand it. Therefore, if you want to advertise your business or that of your friend, you simply have the business name on the cloth of the umbrella. It is a cost effective way of promoting your brand name, do not you think so?

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