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Lanmodo Automatic Car Umbrella Enrich Your Outdoor Activities

Mar 12, 2019, 4:46 pm / Abigail Williams
The Lanmodo automatic car umbrella is the most innovative product that provides protection to most types of vehicles in any weather. It has the best features that makes it capable of keeping your car cool, during the summer when there is too much heat and also during winter, when you have to deal with heavy snow and hail stones. However, aside from these functions, the car umbrella can also be adapted to enhance the quality of your outdoor activities. With some extra accessories such as stands and canopies, it can be easily transformed into a beach umbrella, fishing tent or camping and party tents.

It Can Be Converted Into a Beach Umbrella

When you head to the beach this summer, it is important to have the right sun protection. Over exposure to sunlight can leave you open to heat strokes, sunburns and heat exhaustion. Therefore you need more than sunscreen to take care of your skin. Enjoy your summer outdoor activities completely. Have a Lanmodo auto car umbrella ready inside your car's trunk. Attach it to extra stand to get a perfect sunshade. It's so easy to take this car tent with you on the go. It is lightweight and foldable and also very compact. You don't need to push and shove things to pack all your gears in the trunk. It will fit comfortably in the cargo hold of your vehicle. Unlike other umbrellas that offer only a small space of coverage, this car umbrella is big enough to give you ample protection from dawn to dusk.

It Can Be Transformed Into a Fishing Umbrella

Come rain or shine, you can always go fishing. Don't forget to bring your Lanmodo auto car umbrella with you. It will prevent the sun from beating down your exposed neck or face and damage your health. Skin conditions and sunstroke, resulting from over exposure to UV rays are a great threat that can be prevented by this product. Made with strong materials, such as fiberglass and Oxford fabric, the umbrella can protect you more than a hat and a pair of sunglasses. Also, this outdoor activity requires that you go fishing, prepared for any eventuality. So that when the weather is less harsh and a little rain pours, you don't need to stop and pack your equipment. With an incredible product, such as the car umbrella, you get protected from getting wet because the rain will hit it, instead of hitting you.

It Can Function As a Camping Tent

Going camping gives you several benefits. It can reduce stress and promote relaxation. Getting in touch with nature is a great experience, as well as the chance to encounter wildlife. You also can enjoy looking at the stars that are so far away from the city's sparkling lights. If you are planning to go camping, you will need a tent that will protect you from curious critters and other insects and provide you a place to sleep in, after your entire day outside. You need not buy a separate camping tent for this outdoor activity. Simply drive to your campsite, set up your Lanmodo car umbrella with stands and extra canopy and you have a tent that is large and spacious. Whether you are a family or a group of friends, who are looking to bond overnight, the car umbrella can accommodate over 7 campers comfortably.

It Can Serve As a Party Tent

When you want to celebrate an event with a small group of friends or you just want to entertain, there is nothing better than hosting a party in your garden or back yard. You can have so much fun and laughter to share with them that can give you sweet memories down the road. Parties give you countless moments to do something different, provide your loved ones with amusement and enjoyment and turn an ordinary night or day into a possibly memorable one. When you prepare to host a party, remember to make your Lanmodo auto car umbrella your party tent. All that you need to set it up are some extra stands and canopies and it will already serve its purpose. You can put your BBQ, some light fresh dishes, drinks, plates and glasses under it and it will prevent your food from falling leaves, if you happen to have several trees around the house.

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