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Is It Necessary to Have A Hail Proof Car Umbrella Cover?

Mar 12, 2019, 4:31 pm / Evelyn Smith
After a long time exposure of your car to snow, rain, and UV rays repeatedly, the paint will begin to erode or degrade. But, the damages caused on the car body by hail do not even need longtime exposure. Just with little time exposure of your car to hail, a great damage that will cost a huge amount of money to repair will occur. To make sure your car remains in a good condition in hail weather, there is a need for you to get a good car umbrella cover. That is going to help keep your car exterior in perfect condition even in the hail weather.

Hail Cause Great Damage to Your car

It is obvious that most people usually pack their cars in an open space. Predicting hail is not easy, as it does occur almost by sudden. Your car windows and paints can easily be degraded by hail. The size, as well as the speed of hail falls, will determine the damages they can cause. Hail can cause considerable damages to your car, degrading the exterior paint. Most times hails usually come alongside winds causing huge dents, broken windshields and broken windows to your car. Sometimes, car engines can equally be affected by high winds that come alongside hail storms. To protect your car from this kind of damages, you should go for a good hail-proof car umbrella cover. This umbrella is going to protect your car from the effect of winds and hails during a hail season. Lanmodo is the brand or hail proof cover you should consider going for to ensure adequate protection of your car.

Lanmodo Car Umbrella Cover Protect Your Car from Hail Damage

Lanmodo car umbrella cover is built with improved features that made it perfect for protection against hail. It is built with sturdy architectures as well as good fiberglass materials, strong enough to keep your car from damages caused by hail. You are no more going to worry about the damages caused by hail, snow or even falling object when your car is covered with Lanmodo car cover.

Adding to the sturdy architectures as well as fiberglass materials used in making Lanmodo car cover, it is also built with best quality Oxford cloths coated with 3-layer PU silver. This offered it the waterproof feature that made it suitable for car protection from hail and storm. This canopy is also durable due to the quality material it is made of.

Another important point to note about Lanmodo Pro auto umbrella is that it is built with size measuring 4.8M * 2.3M body size, which is large enough to completely cover most of the cars. So, this is suitable for your sedan car, hatchback car, station wagon, van, sports car, and others. By getting this car cover, you are already sure of keeping your car safe from any form of damages caused by hail, falling objects, winds, and others.

Unlike other car umbrella brands that are difficult to be carried along due to their large size weight, the Lanmodo is just different. It is a portable and foldable car umbrella cover that can easily be folded and put inside a car trunk. It may interest you to note that folded Lanmodo car cover will not take up large space in your car trunk. Also, the weightlessness of the umbrella has made it easy to carry about without getting overweighed in the process. These features are among the reasons every car owner need to get a Lanmodo car cover.

Lanmodo Provide More Services

Just by getting a Lanmodo car umbrella cover, you are already sure of protecting your car from the effects of four-season weather. This is a good four-season car umbrella cover suitable to protect your car from dangerous effect of the weather. It is a perfect car cover for your car during the winter when the temperature is very low to the freezing point resulting in snowfall. It is also a good choice of car shade for your car during the summer when the heat of the sun is at the apex. More so, this car shade is good for protecting your car in spring with its unpredictable fluctuation of weather. With the waterproof, snow proof, sunshade and hail proof feature of Lanmodo car shade, you are going to be sure of all around protection of your car. Go on with the Lanmodo four-season car umbrella cover and your car will always be protected irrespective of the weather.

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