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How to Protect Car Windshield in Hot Summer

Mar 11, 2019, 5:32 pm / Brian Lageose
As the summer approaches with its fair amount of sunshine, your car is constantly exposed to the UV rays from the sun, which is one of the enemies of your car. It is certainly one factor that causes your car to age faster than it is supposed to. The most affected part of your car is the windshield during the summer. Because of the importance of your windshield, it is necessary to ensure you keep it safe from the harmful effect of the UV rays, summer car protection is a must.

What are the major damages caused by UV rays to your windshield?

Summer comes with a lot of travels. From summer vacations to picnics. This is one reason why car windshields are more prone to cracks in the summer. Long driving hours can increase stress on your windshield. The intense heat of the sun can be really bad for your car. While the heat may not cause your glass to crack directly, but if you already had cracks on your windshield, you may certainly see those tiny cracks expand all over your windshield. The larger the cracks get, the more it affects your driving experience.

While the sun may not directly destroy your windshield, we all should understand that if a car windshield cools down rapidly after intense heat, there are more chances that it will expand any existing cracks. This means that you should be cautious about how and when to switch on your car AC on a hot day. We all know how expensive changing a windshield can be. The summer is one of the worst weathers for your windshield. This is why it is very important to ensure you keep it protected from the intense heat of the sun.

To ensure your windshield is protected from the harmful UV rays, its best to

Buy a car windshield shade

Purchasing a car windshield shade is one way to ensure your windshield is protected from the harsh effect of the sun. Car windshield shade is a good way of preventing direct ray of the sun from heating up your screen and causing it to damage. Car windshield sun shades are very portable and can easily be placed over the windshield when the need arises. The good thing about this product is the fact that they don't cost a fortune to purchase. They are very affordable.

Ensure to check your car regularly

Checking your car regularly is certainly one way to prevent the damage even before it degenerates from bad to worse. Check for tiny cracks and chips. Ensure to get it fixed as quickly as possible to prevent it from expanding and spreading. This will save you the cost of changing the entire windshield due to excessive damage. Cracks may still appear visible after a repair but then it will save you the cost of changing the entire screen as a result of excessive damage.

Chose a well-shaded area to park your car

One thing that can certainly preserve your car and protect your windshield from further damage by the sun is the kind of places you choose to park your car. Ensure to pick a well-shaded area when parking your car. This will help reduce the sun rays hitting your car directly. You may choose to park your car under a tree or a car shelter. It is best to park your car in a parking lot when not in use.

Invest in Car Umbrella

Investing in a car umbrella is certainly one reliable way to ensure your car windshield stays safe. While the sunshade for car windshield is capable of protecting your windshield, the car umbrella can conveniently protect your entire car. The Lanmodo is certainly an amazing product you can trust when it comes to protecting your car during the summer. This product is designed from sun-shield oxford material that is capable of acting as a barrier between your car and the UV rays of the sun. You no longer have to worry about your car heating up in the summer. This product is very portable and operated via a remote control. With the Lanmodo car umbrella, your car is completely covered and protected.
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