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How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle?

Mar 13, 2019, 2:01 pm / Brian Lageose

It seems that there is nothing cheap these days, including car repairs. This is one reason why our vehicles should be taken care of, to prevent them from breaking down. You can surely avoid the high cost of body and engine repairs because they will be serving you for long periods. There are some preventive maintenance tips that you can follow to make your car consistently good in quality and performance. They will also be safe today and in the future.

Read the car's manual

The owner's manual that comes with your car shouldn't be left in the glove compartment, unread. That booklet should be preused, because it contains a lot of important information inside, from using important functions to recommended maintenance schedules. If you ever need to know how a certain part works or when to change filters or fluids, the first place to find the answers is your car manual.

Change the air filters as necessary

Air filters prevent scattered pieces of waste in the air from entering your car engine. Fuel and oil filters catch corrosive matter that settle at the bottom of liquids. If your air filter is dirty, it can hinder or impede gas mileage and can also cause poor acceleration. The frequency of changing air filters also depend on the environment, where the car is often driven. The owner's manual also has guidelines on when the air filter should be changed. While it is not always a set schedule, it can be a guide to the car owner.

Check the fluids

The fluids referred to here are the engine oil, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, radiator coolant, power steering fluid and brake fluids that need to be replaced periodically. It is of vital importance that you check the levels of these fluids between services. This can make you aware of small problems that can turn into major ones, if not remedied at once. Fluids should be monitored once every two weeks.

Always check your brake pad thickness

Never let the pads to be damaged by long and hard use. If they get worn down to metal, this may prevent your vehicle from making a quick stop. This is dangerous for the driver and passengers, as well as the car. When brake pads become thin, this may damage the rotors and calipers, which are more costly to replace than the pads. So make it a habit to always observe and track the thickness of your brake pads over a period of time.

Take care of the tires

The tires connect your car directly to the road, so it is very important to always check the condition and air pressure of the vehicle tires regularly. Rotate the tires to lessen uneven wear and tear on the thread and keep them inflated. This can help improve their efficiency and safety on the road. Well maintained tires last longer.

Wash your car

Keeping your car exterior and interior clean, will give it a good appearance and keep its resale value, when you decide to sell it in the future. Washing or detailing your car especially during winter can prevent it from getting damaged by road salt, sea ice, thick soft wet mud and anything that can cause rust that eat holes in the metal.

Utilize a portable car umbrella

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