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How Lanmodo Car Umbrella Protect Your Car in Winter?

Mar 11, 2019, 5:17 pm / Evelyn Smith
The winter weather can make cruel damages to the exterior of your car. Hail can cause indentation and other physical harm to your vehicle's finish. In most cases, freezing and thawing can aggravate rust problems. Snow and ice removal can result in scratches and even the bright sunlight can cause your car paint to fade. Repairing the damages resulting from the effects of winter will cost you considerable money and time. Cars are big investments and Lanmodo car umbrella will help you protect them. A quality product like this can provide the best protection that your car needs anytime of the year particularly in winter. Read on to see how Lanmodo is the best winter car umbrella in the market today.

Large Enough to Cover the Main Body of Your Car

Unlike the traditional car covers that are sold everywhere and does not completely cover your car's body, Lanmodo car umbrella can provide protection to the entire body of your vehicle. It is available in 2 versions: the Lanmodo, size 3.5m and the Lanmodo Pro, size 4.8m. Therefore, whatever type of vehicle you drive and no matter the size, you can be sure that it will have a complete shield from the elements that are brought about by the winter weather. Stay away from other types of car covers that are ill fitting, they will do more harm to your car than give it protection. Choose Lanmodo portable car umbrella, which is suitable for a hatchback, sedan, minivan or any other type of vehicle.

Good Materials Protect from Snow and Hail

When you leave your car outdoors during the winter, there are elements that can damage it. Therefore, the need for protection is greater, than when you park inside. The car with umbrella gets enough shielding because Lanmodo is made of strong materials, such as Oxford and fiberglass that can withstand heavy rain or strong wind and even hail and snow. The Oxford fabric is so durable that it can't be ripped or torn, even by heavy rain. The Oxford material is breathable, extremely sturdy and abrasion-resistant. These materials can also sustain extreme temperature, thereby delivering the maximum protection for your car. The strong fiberglass support helps the car umbrella withstand the effects of breeze and whatever the winter weather throws your way.

Lightweight and Folding Feature

The Lanmodo car umbrella is lightweight, making it easy to set up, unfold and fold and store even in a small space like your car's trunk. It weighs only about 6 kg. and measures only 85 cm when collapsed or folded. The folding feature and being lightweight make the car umbrella portable. Being portable means that the car tent is designed to be capable of being transported and carried with you wherever you go. Whether you go to work or run an errand, you can confidently leave your car outside. There is no need to drive around looking for a suitable parking space, provided you have your portable car umbrella covering your vehicle. Simply park your vehicle in the proper place and leave it and do what you need to be done. When you come back, you'll find your car in the same condition, as when you left it, no issues about the elements of winter getting and hurting your car's exterior.

Easy to Clean

After using your Lanmodo car umbrella, you can fold it away. It comes with a storage bag where you can put it back, to be stored in your car trunk. This car umbrella does not need frequent cleaning. If there is snow or an especially heavy storm, be careful to brush the snow off your car cover first. The Lanmodo car umbrella is easy to clean, being water resistant. Mild detergent and water are the only things you need to clean it. After washing, you can let it dry easily and it will be ready for your next day's use. Your car is one of the most valuable thing that you can ever have, and a quality easy care Lanmodo car umbrella is a great way of providing protection to it.

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