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How Lanmodo Automatic Car Umbrella Protect Your Car?

Mar 12, 2019, 4:47 pm / Brian Lageose
A car needs to be well protected as it is everybody's prized possession. It's a product of utility as well as a tool, which is used to gauge your financial status in society. The problem happens only when natural elements tinker with it. Keeping your car safe from harm does not require a considerable amount of time and money. What you need to do is to simply invest in a good quality Lanmodo automatic car umbrella. Find out how this new, original and advanced product gives protection to your valuable possession.

The Car Umbrella is Large Enough to Cover the Body of Your Car

Unlike many traditional car covers that fail to cover the entire body of vehicles completely, the Lanmodo car umbrella is made to be appropriate for most car sizes and types. It does not matter whether you drive a sedan, a mini, an SUV or any other kind, it can have the protection that you desire. This product that offers four season protection is available in two versions - the smaller Lanmodo, 3.5M x 2.1M and the larger Lanmodo Pro car umbrella, 4.8M x 2.3M. Therefore, whether you have a small or a big car, you can be sure that the main section will be absolutely covered. The car umbrella has been designed in a special way, to provide protection in any climate - from the harsh effects of the UV rays, sediments, outdoor materials including water and other elements.

The Car Umbrella is Made of Strong Materials to Protect Your Car From Hail

Hail is very destructive to any type of vehicle. They can cause expensive damage to your car, when you leave it uncovered. It is unpleasant and a heartbreaking sight, when you see your vehicle getting hit by the heavy hail. You wouldn't want to imagine the damages to the paint and the entire exterior of your car. Why not give your vehicle some loving care by having it protected by Lanmodo auto car umbrella? It can be very effective in giving your car protection from hailstones. This car tent cover is very tough; with a sturdy design and fiberglass materials, that strongly supports it. These features make the umbrella stable and cannot be easily moved backward and forward or from side to side. It cannot be blown away by strong wind too.

The Car Umbrella is Snow Proof

Plenty of rain and snow can be experienced during the cold months of winter. Humans can feel safe and warm inside, by the fireplace, but their vehicles need to survive the weather outside. After a snowfall or a snow storm, the difficult task for a car owner is removing the snow that has accumulated on the car roof. This can be a tiring task, but needs to be done as promptly as possible. When not removed quickly, the damage to your car can be costly. The Lanmodo car umbrella is snow proof. Its canopy is made from strong Oxford fabric that cannot be easily torn by a strong snowstorm. When you use this umbrella for your car, you can free yourself from removing the snow regularly. When you remove the snow from the windshield, particularly, this can result in scratches and your visibility can be reduced. Unsightly dents and dings can also be prevented to your car's exterior.

The Car Umbrella Has an Anti-Theft Design

Just like money, cell phones, wallets and handbags, the car umbrella can also be attractive to thieves. This is especially so, when these things are clearly visible or you leave them unattended or when your mind gets preoccupied on other things. Thefts happen whether you like it or not and the only thing you can do is prevent the umbrella from getting stolen. The Lanmodo automatic car umbrella has an anti-theft design. It cannot be stolen, even when you leave it set up on the car roof. It has an anti-theft belt that is fastened to the car doors by a very strong suction, with steel wires buried inside. These wires are not easy to cut, making the umbrella safe from theft. Also, this car cover can only be operated by a remote control, so it cannot be closed, folded and taken away by anybody.

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