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Autumn Leaves Damage Car Paint: What Should We Do?

Mar 12, 2019, 4:26 pm / Lara

The Autumn season is the start of cooler weather, football and falling leaves. It is really nice to look at the changing colours of the leaves, before they fall down, but we should not fail to notice that they can do serious damage to your vehicle. Leaves contain sap, acid and pollen, when they are left to sit on the car roof for a long period, the clear coat can be damaged. When the leaves start to rot, the acid that they release can result in dull spots that can turn into rust. As cars are very dear to its owner and should not be treated carelessly, there are things that you can do to protect them from the damage caused by fallen leaves.

Avoid parking your car under trees that still have branches with a lot of leaves

If possible find trees that have lost almost all of the leaves. When you see that leaves have accumulated on top of your car, remove them with your hand. Make sure that you do this with extra care, without using a leaf blower or a broom, even if you are in a hurry. Brushing the leaves from the car in a vigorous way can cause scratches. Wash your car often during autumn and once the majority of the leaves have fallen, give it a wax. Check your exhaust pipe, undercarriage and the air conditioning system for leaves that are hidden there and ensure that they are removed. These leaves, when rotten, can also result in rust and bad odour.

Store your car in a garage

When you park it in a covered area, the risk of damage can be completely eliminated. The car in your garage will be protected from the elements of the weather, in fact it gets protected in any season, regardless of the fact whether it is winter, summer, spring or autumn. When you have a garage, your vehicle's exposure to falling leaves or rain and snow and hail will be limited. Unfortunately, not every car owner has this option available to them. They just make use of the parking under the trees or even when there is no tree on the streets, their vehicles remain uncovered and unprotected. Also, those owners who have garages at home, still face the problem of falling leaves, when they take their cars and drive out on the road.

Consider getting a Lanmodo umbrella car parking

Lanmodo umbrella car parking is an innovative product, equipped with an automatic design that allows for easy and convenient use. It is automatic because it can be operated, with just a click on the remote control. Other features include the folding structure and portability. It is compact, when folded and can be stored in your car trunk without consuming a lot of space. Furthermore, it can effectively shield your car from falling leaves and other concerns related to car protection.

The car parking umbrella by Lanmodo is not difficult to install and requires no other support after the installation is done. It is manufactured using strong fiberglass material and 210D Oxford fabric that is both snow and waterproof. The fabric is also easy to wash and the stains caused by falling leaves can be easily cleaned with just water. It's easy to dry, too.

The Lanmodo car umbrella is similar to an umbrella and has a design that enables it to be carried with you, anywhere and at any time. This portability is an amazing feature that you cannot find in any other car tent, which are stationary and impossible to be moved and transported conveniently. Therefore, whatever is your schedule for the day, whether you go to work or do some errands, your car umbrella is always handy to serve your car and keep it protected from the leaves of autumn and other elements.

It is also ideal to use, when you decide to go on autumn camping. If you plan to go to the forest on a weekend and spend a few days of the season there, you will have no issues from bird droppings and falling leaves. You will even be covered protectively, when the rain suddenly pours down.

There is no other car parking umbrella like Lanmodo in the market. It is built with a useful purpose of providing the best protection, for whatever type and size of vehicle you own. With this umbrella car parking, you can safely say goodbye to the issues of falling leaves and the damage they can cause to your car.

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