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A Mobile Car Umbrella for the Whole Family

Mar 11, 2019, 4:54 pm / Abigail Williams
A car is a family member of yours. You always think of the protection of your family; do you ever think of the security of your desired car? Lanmodo thinks! Lanmodo discovers a very handy, superior quality and striking mobile car umbrella that you never imagine before. Lanmodo mobile car umbrella can make your car secured and protected as well as your family when you go hang out together. This car umbrella is versatile; you can serve your various purposes with this incredible umbrella. It is the main travel kit that you can use as a tent in camping, beach party and fishing as well.

Lanmodo car umbrella is easy to install and roll-up

Hurry for meeting or for joining the family? Take just seconds to secure your car. Something new you should think about the car umbrella is that it accompanies ease of utilizing and quick establishment. After getting off your car you will need at most 8 seconds to open and close the umbrella. This good-looking kit is slim and buoyant; it is only 85CM which is very convenient to fold even a little girl can take care of the entire process from open to spread up and shut down. The umbrella is a perfect tent as well. Do not miss any outdoor camping anymore. There is no need to look further as Lanmodo brilliant car umbrella is the thing that you ought to go for. You can carry the car umbrella anywhere easily in your car trunk and go outing. This responsive outdoor tent has a convenient remote control that with a simple click the umbrella will spread up and you need to set the entire tent within 30 seconds. Thus, this is the reason you ought to simply ahead and exploit it immediately.

Provide Sun protection for your whole family in summer

Being outside with the whole family in summer is really a great idea, yet simply endeavor to keep away from significant lots in full sun between around 10 am and 3 pm in the sizzling summer days. Ensure wherever you are, there are shady zones to withdraw to; same for your beloved car as well. During the summer hot days, the car will get scorching if you do not keep it under any shade. But you cannot get shady zone all the time. In large city most of the time you have to park your car on the roadside or in open place; during this time the car gets hot and whenever stepping into the car will be harmful to you and your family, especially for the kids. But sometimes you have no way to keep the car be cold and step into thereby. Lanmodo car umbrella is the easy solution for this kind of inconvenient you face. Just set the umbrella at the top of the car, open with remote control and cover the whole car. This sun protection car umbrella will keep your car temperature lower and retain your family from hot sunburn as well.

Enrich your family bonding

Going outing and passing quality time with family enrich the bonding among the members. But thinking of hassle carrying various equipments sometimes makes you pissed off in the hangout with family. Some are so extensive and substantial that one should go through worry to move them starting with one point then onto the next. Lanmodo will not miss you any more family experience. It has the relaxed, suitable and steadfast kit for your travel and family times. Lanmodo mobile car umbrella is also a superior quality travel tent, you must know. This car camping umbrella is massive when you unfold the system. It can give shade to more than seven of your family members which is huge. You can go camping outside or through a party in your garden or watch movies together making the umbrella as a high-class tent. The service is huge whereas the host is light. That implies you can undoubtedly overlay and put the car umbrella within your auto trunk without consuming up much room. Simply ahead and exploit the techy highlights of this multipurpose mobile car umbrella for your outdoor activities.

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