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A Car Umbrella Shade Fits in Any Car

Mar 11, 2019, 5:31 pm / Brian Lageose
If you or your family own 2, 3 or even more car models, perhaps you are thinking of buying a car umbrella shade, for each one of them. You, of course, want to beat the heat and give your vehicles the best protection that you can give. However, buying several car umbrellas for your different cars is not necessary, as the Lanmodo car umbrella shade will fit any type of car that you have. Designed to be suitable with a wide range of vehicles from SUVs and vans, trucks and cars, this car umbrella covers every inch of the car surface, regardless of the size.

Lanmodo Car Umbrella Has Two Versions For You

You can choose from two product models: the smaller Lanmodo with a size of 3.5m x 2.1m and the larger Lanmodo Pro car umbrella shade with a size of 4.8m x 2.3m. Both versions, particularly the Lanmodo Pro is big enough to cover the entire body of your cars. They also can effectively provide the same sunshade effect, lowering the temperature because it gives more than enough cover to the car body. Durability and practicality define this car umbrella. With strong fiberglass and Oxford materials, one-click set up system with wireless remote, anti-theft connector straps, ability to withstand 30mph wind and other features, the Lanmodo car umbrella is a perfect car protective accessory that your precious property needs.

Cover Your Car to Provide Protection

The extremely tough Lanmodo car shade umbrella gives your car four-season protection, so it is ideal for use all year round. Different seasons have a different effect on your car and this product can very well provide the protection that your vehicle deserves. For example, the summer sun and heat can wreak havoc to your vehicle's clear coat, as well as its paint and interior accessories. The paint, rubber and plastic parts may crack, fade or peel. During winter, there are snow, hail and strong rains to deal with. These elements can cause dents to your car top and this is where your car umbrella will come into the picture. This modern product can effortlessly provide the proper shield that you seek. You need not look elsewhere, trying to find a suitable car tent cover. The Lanmodo car shade umbrella is everything you need for your valued possession.

You Can Take Your Car Umbrella Anywhere

Another feature that makes the Lanmodo foldable car shade umbrella a popular choice for most car owners is it's feature of being foldable. It means that you can fold it with little or no effort, as it is built to be easy to set up in 30 seconds and fold/unfold in just 8 seconds. The package is very lightweight and measures 85cm, so easy to store in your car trunk. The weight and the size of this car umbrella, makes it easy to be moved or carried anywhere you need to go. Whether you have to be running an errand, at your workplace, out of town, in a meeting/conference, anywhere, you can simply leave your vehicle and not worry that it will get damaged by falling tree leaves, dust, bird droppings and other elements. Having a car umbrella with you can also save you some precious time, because you need not look for a covered parking lot, where you can safely leave your car.

Built with Multifunctional Design

The Lanmodo car shade umbrella does not serve only the purpose of giving protection to your car. It has the ability to be suitable to various objectives, too. With additional stand and side canopies, the car umbrella can easily transform into a camping tent in your backyard or garden party or a fishing parasol, to give you shade from the sun. If you have plans to do some other activities in natural settings out of town, the car umbrella can be useful and meet the requirements, for an outdoor tent. You can enjoy your family time, as you needn't worry about your car getting spoiled due to external features. Outdoor camping wouldn't be an issue with this Lanmodo product, especially when you stay overnight. It can accommodate over seven people comfortably, so go now and enjoy your time with your loved ones.

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