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6 Ways to Use Lanmodo Portable Car Umbrella

Mar 6, 2019, 6:03 pm / Lara
If you have just purchased a Lanmodo portable car umbrella, but thinking of ways to use it, there are many ways to utilize this umbrella. This content is dedicated to showing you some of the ways you can make use of your Lanmodo portable umbrella. The ways to use this tech improved portable umbrella range from car cover, mobile advertisement to camping tent and other outdoor activities. Those preparing for a beach party and need a shelter in preparation to change in the weather can experience satisfaction with Lanmodo portable car umbrella. Reading to the end of this post will expose you to 6 different ways to make use of this wonderful portable car umbrella.

1. Lanmodo Car Umbrella Provide Four-season Protection

There are many car umbrella brands in the market built for a specific weather. When there is a change in weather, the owner of such a car umbrella will be looking for the one made for the new weather. But, the Lanmodo car umbrella is built for four-season protection. It is suitable for protection against the intense heat of the sun as well as the extreme cold and snowfall associated with winter. Also, the windy weather associated with spring and fall will not be a problem for you when you have this portable umbrella. It is built with fiberglass materials, which made it easy to withstand strong wind. Also, the canopy is build of PU silver coated 210D Oxford cloth suitable for protection of your car against all forms of damages. This is a good choice for summer-sunshade as it will keep your car temperature lower up to 97°F / 36°C. The ability of Lanmodo moveable car umbrella to cool down the temperate of a car in hot summer weather has made it a good summer umbrella for all cars. In the winter season, this car umbrella can be of a good advantage with its snow-proof and hail-proof. Also, it is suitable for control of low temperate during the extreme winter cold weather. During the spring and autumn-protect, this great car tent can help to protect your car from dust, bird droppings, leaves and other things around.

2. Used as Beach Umbrella

This car umbrella can also be great for a beach party. It is quite portable and weights light, so you can take it anywhere without any kind of discomfort. Another feature that made this car tent a good is that it comes with added stand-transfer to a beach umbrella-you can use it at a beach, fishing or garden. With the USB connecting port, you can connect your mobile phone for charging or even torchlight with a USB port. Your beach party is going to amazingly interesting and funfair when you have this beach umbrella as your shelter.

3. Used As Camping Tent

When you want to take pleasure in the outdoor adventures and commune with nature through camping, you need a good camping tent. Lanmodo car umbrella comes with some extra accessories, which made it easy to be turned into a camping tent. You can comfortably and easily take this tent outdoor for your picnic and party. With the 4.8M * 2.3M canopy size of this Lanmodo Pro, it can take up to 7 people comfortably at a time. Therefore, it is a great choice for your family outdoor adventures such as camping and others. It is the first item you should remember while making your camping checklist.

4. Used As Outdoor Theater

With the 210D oxford cloth of this tent with a projector, it can easily transfer into an outdoor theater. You, your friends and families can even watch a movie as part of the outdoor entertainments you enjoy with the canopy. Another thing is that you can transform the car tent as a good outdoor visual advertisement. This advertisement can come in form of an image or a video. More so, it can be a good mobile ads device with outdoor theater feature. This is one of the most advantageous ways to make use of this Lanmodo portable umbrella for a car.

5. Charge Your Device

Sometimes when you are outside with your friend or families, the battery of your mobile phone can run flat. When this happens, you can be disconnected completely from your loved ones, friends and colleagues. To remedy this problem this Lanmodo automatic portable car umbrella comes with a USB port located on the suction cup. Through this USB port, you are going to connect your mobile phone for charging. You can also charge your rechargeable torch to ensure you do not walk in the darkness when there is no light around. By charging your phone with the USB port on this car tent it will give you chance to reconnect with your loved ones through phone calls.

6. Promote Your Business

Effective business promotion is a key to improving sales and growing your business. Since getting involved in marketing personally is needful in boosting sales, you need to utilize the customizable Lanmodo car umbrella canopy to your advantage. Through this customizable feature of Lanmodo, you have a better opportunity to promote your business. This you can do by printing information about your product on the canopy such as your company logo, slogan, and others. More so, you can print brand messages on it to enjoy a free advertisement while on the go with the umbrella on top of your car.

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