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5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for This Winter

Mar 6, 2019, 6:04 pm / Brian Lageose
Winter is going to happen soon and today is a good time to consider getting your car suitable for winter driving. Snow, slush and ice on the road can mean dangerous and difficult operation of your vehicle. We all know that in any season, the safety of your vehicle and of your near and dear ones are very important. Some precautionary action must be taken beforehand to prevent accidents and undesirable events. In addition to checking the oil, coolant, lights, tires and transmissions, here are five ways of getting your car prepared for the issues brought about by winter.

1. Get a Really Good Car Umbrella

Protecting your car during winter does not only involve safety driving, but also when you leave it parked in the open, exposed to the elements and unprotected. The falling snow, hail, sleet and freezing rain can do expensive damage to your precious vehicle. These things can dent the roof or hood of your car and may also result in broken windshields and cracked windows. Purchase a really smart car umbrella to deliver full protection against snow and hail that are common during winter. The Lanmodo is a four-season car umbrella, which means that it can protect your car whatever the season of the year, particularly in winter. The silver coated Oxford cloth; the strong fiberglass support and the tough design make sure that the umbrella is able to provide the necessary defense to your vehicle. With windproof straps and powerful suction base providing the tent with more stability, this is truly the best car umbrella that you can find in the market today.

2. Check the Braking System

The brakes of a car is a device that is used to either slow down or stop a vehicle in motion. During winter, it is dangerous to drive and even stop, as snow and ice are spread on the surface of the road. Drive slowly and allow enough space between your car and the car in your front, to prevent accidentally bumping on it. Before winter actually sets in, have your car's braking system checked. The brake fluid may need a refill and the brake pads should be in good condition, otherwise they should be replaced. Frequent whining of the brakes means that the brake pads are starting to be overcome by persistent pressure. This will make sure that your brake is ready to operate during winter.

3. Care for Wiper Blades and Cleaning Fluid

The last thing you would want when driving, when it snows is a defective set of wiper blades. They may be worn out, so have them checked before driving your car outside. One suggestion is to swap them with winter-specific type, to make sure that they perform well in wiping away the snow on your windshield. Also, check the amount of the cleaning fluid that you have and you many need to top it up with a deicing formula. Keeping an extra bottle in your trunk will make you always ready to wash away the dirt ingrained in the windshield brought about by snow and hail.

4. Have Your Car Battery Checked, Including Corroded Cables

Extremely cold temperature can affect your car's battery and it might not be able to easily get your engine running. This should not be the case when you are out there in the storm, needing to go somewhere. Therefore, before snow starts to fall have it tested. It should be clean, there is no damage on the terminals and the connecting cables should be in good shape and secure. The battery should have plenty of energy, to last all winter long. An old battery should be checked and replaced if necessary, before the winter weather gets so bad.

5. Have an Emergency Kit in the Car Trunk Ready

When driving through a storm, there may be a good chance that you need to take cover for safety and let the storm pass. Being stranded will not be a big problem, if you have an emergency kit in your trunk. A good emergency kit should contain first aid supplies, water, energy snacks, road flares, flashlight, tire-chain, gloves, blankets, boots, cell phone charger, even a small shovel and some others. Driving conditions during winter can be unpredictable and may put you in extreme danger. A well-prepared emergency kit can make a huge deal of difference, when you are met with difficult driving emergencies, regardless of the time of the day or night.

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