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5 Tips to Consider for Winter Car Storage

Mar 13, 2019, 10:13 pm / Brian Lageose

Damages on your car will likely be inevitable when you store your car improperly without a good car umbrella. These damages can range from a minor damage to the major ones. Dust and dirt can stain your car making it look unkempt. Also, sun and ultraviolet rays can make the exterior paint of your car to fade quickly. Repainting your car can cause a lot of money, which you may not like to happen. To avoid this from happening, it is pertinent to take some important steps to ensure the overall well-being of your vehicle. Read through this post for five tips to consider in winter car coverage.

1. Choose a Aood Car Umbrella

How do you make your car remains in excellent condition all through the winter season? The secret is in determining the right cover for the car. You need car umbrella to make sure your car is protected completely. Car umbrella is important mostly if you usually park the car in an open space. You just need to choose the best car umbrella to ensure absolute protection over your car.

Lanmodo mobile car umbrella protects your car in winter. It provides your car with perfect protection against dents, dings, scratches and other hazardous winter weather-related elements. This is the best mobile car cover for all cars. It is waterproof and water resistant. This car cover is great for outdoor and indoor coverage making it the best among others. It is built with best possible material starting from the canopy to the frame and other accessories.

With the best 3D oxford canopy cloth used in building Lanmodo car umbrella, you are sure of protecting your car from all hazardous elements. Also, the sturdy frame with a lightweight feature of Lanmodo made it a good car cover against hail, rain and snow falls. So, winter will no longer be frightening to you when you have this kind of coverage over your car.

2. Determine the Best Location for Your Car Parking

Due to the dangerous effects of winter weather, it is preferable to always store your vehicle indoors. This is going to keep the car from the effect of hazardous elements such as snowfall, ice, and others. If possible, you should always park your car in a dry and clean location with lots of space. But, since not everyone has a well-covered garage, there is a need for an alternative solution. That is what brought about the introduction of Lanmodo winter car umbrella. This is the car tent umbrella that is going to protect your car from all hazard irrespective the weather condition.

3. Wash, Buff, and Wax Your Car

If you want to always drive a clean sparkling car every day despite where you usually park your car, you should be ready to work. Leaving your car dirty for a longer period of time is not good. This is going to result in more damages to your car. The acidic material and other damaging elements on your car can be eating away your paint. Within a short period, your newly purchased car will turn old quickly. To avoid this from happening, you should always wash, wax, and buff your car. This chore is going to help you maintain a neat and sparkling car.

4. Add Fuel Stabilizer

Most car owners do not know that fuel has expiration date. It is made to only last for about 30 days before it goes bad. That is why they usually leave fuel in their tank for an extended time causing damages to their car. If you allow this habit to continue, the expired fuel can react with the material used in building the tank resulting in leakages. This dangerous act can result to fire outbreak if care is not taken. Also, it can damage your car engine if you continue to drive your car with an expired fuel. To avoid this happening, it is important that you use fuel stabilizer if you are planning to store fuel in your tank for a longer period.

5. Tire Care is A Necessity

Car tires are made of rubber material, which can be affected by extreme low temperature in winter. When the tire is exposed to extremely low temperature, it can get hardened. The hardened tire caused by extreme low temperature can turn brittle within a short time. If this is not checked, it can result in tire damage.

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