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Why You Should Choose Lanmodo Car Tent to Protect the Vehicle!

Mar 11, 2019, 4:45 pm / Lara
It's Sleek & Stylish- Smart & Sturdy…..It's Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent

When everything else is going Smart and Techno-Savvy, why should car tent be the same? Brace yourself for the revolution in the car tent market -- the magnanimous Lanmodo Car Tent.

How Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent Protects your Vehicle?

Buying an automatic car tent would be the best decision for the vehicle. You will actually be doing a favor for your pricey vehicle. Why? That's because it offers so many different, unique features all directed towards a single objective… to protect your car under all circumstances.
Lanmodo automatic car tent makes sheltering the car very convenient for the driver/user. Many times, you are getting late for the office and don't have enough time to cover your car properly. When you are using Lanmodo automatic car tent, you won't have to worry. With just one click you can cover your car and protect it from harsh UV rays and other problems like bird droppings and snow.

This car tent is excellent for protecting against harsh weather conditions as it is made with durable, resilient, and sturdy material. Even during heavy rainfall it keeps protecting your car. It can withstand up to 30mph strong wind. Be it acid rain, hailstorm, heavy snow or other issues, when Lanmodo car tent it installed, you can peacefully continue your day-to-day tasks.

Key Features of Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent

The fact that makes Lanmodo automatic car tent better and more feasible for your vehicle is that it is designed after considering the demands of modern consumers. Many unique features are added to the tent so that users can easily get the vehicle covered even when they are in a hurry.

  1. Handy Wireless Remote Control: Now open and close the car tent with only one click, using the handy wireless remote control. The remote is sturdy enough to last for years. You can use it for over 10,000 times without causing any damage to its buttons.
  2. Widest Range of Options: Unlike other car tents, Lanmodo portable car tent is different because it is available for wide range of car sizes and models. Forget about SUV car tent, jeep car tent and tent for all sizes of sedans and trucks, Lanmodo car tent can handle them all. Also, you can choose from two different sizes of car tents. There is an option of customizing your car tent too. So, you can easily modify the car tent as per your requirements and get a unique product.
  1. Multi-aspect Protection: Lanmodo automatic car tent offers multiple protection as it is a sunshade, and a snow-proof, and hail-proof tent. To further protect the vehicle, the tent features an innovative suction cup that prevents scratches. It is an all-in-one automatic car tent that serves as a beach umbrella and fishing umbrella.
  2. USB Port: Portability has been taken to a whole new level by Lanmodo. While you are out, charging your devices won't be an issue because Lanmodo automatic car tent features a USB port for charging. In a single recharge, you can use the tent for as long as 45 days. This is a very unique and innovative feature of this car tent.

Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent Adds Joy To Life

Lanmodo is the proud provider of stylish, affordable and durable automatic car tents for the modern consumers. At Lanmodo, quality matters most and user-convenience is the priority. There is more than one reason for choosing Lanmodo automatic car tent. Check out the following benefits:
  1. It makes going out for camping, picnic, and other recreational activities a lot more enjoyable and exciting
  2. Fully portable car tent that can be folded and packed and then put in your car trunk, easy to take out
  3. Maximum protection against harsh sunlight and weather anomalies wherever you are, provide four-season shelter for your vehicle
  4. Forget about common everyday problems like dust, stains, bird droppings, and snow, it provides ample shelter to prevent such issues
  5. Offers maximum peace of mind when you are at work or enjoying quality time with your family and friends because the car tent is equipped with an anti-theft system

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