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What Should Drivers Prepare in Hot Summer?

Mar 11, 2019, 4:46 pm / Evelyn Smith
Summer makes the car driving and handling process unbearable. The scorching sun during this season makes driving and parking of your car irritating and equally risky. Your vehicle can suffer from a range of effects including breaking glasses and car paint damage due to high temperature. Here are some of the tips and devices to add pleasure to your summer life and make your road driving experience memorable:

1. A portable car sun shade tent

A mobile car shade tent means that it takes care of your car anywhere and anytime as you can carry that tent easily with you. It is not cumbersome to move around with that tent because the canvas is very flexible and lightweight. The Lanmodo portable car tent gives the ultimate and merely the best sunshade services your car needs. This tent protects you and your car from the hot sun by reflecting UV rays and cooling down car inside, besides it can work in surrounding varying from -20°C to 60°C. You can enjoy long rides with your family in any weather as the tent will protect your vehicle from scorching sun, winter and falling leaves in autumn.

It comes with automatic features that include remote control, used for launching your tent from a remote place. From just a press of the remote switch, you can get the installation and launch of the car sunshade on its own. The Lanmodo portable car sunshade is an everyday car accessory for car lovers of late as it comes with user friendly features that provide comfort and ease while driving. The portability of the car shade makes it a companion as a well as an essential car accessory in outdoor events. As a car lover and regular traveler, you need the portable car sunshade as an ultimate gift from Lanmodo to make your car experience quite lively.

2. A pair of sunglasses

The summer sun can be very unforgiving; not only to your skin but also to your eyes. Hot temperatures can make it quite uncomfortable to look outside while driving. Therefore, you need a good pair of sunglasses to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. They help in reducing the high intensity of sunlight reaching the driver's eyes hence reducing the chances of eye aches and straining. Keeping your eyes healthy and comfortable should be a critical point of consideration before setting out this summer. Besides, just like those cute sneakers and stylistic jewellery you like, sunglasses run quite pivotal and act as a sunshade in enhancing your comfort. They bind health and fashion together.

3. An emergency kit

Many people only master preparing a car emergency kit for winter, but how about the summer? Summer is one of the seasons with the highest limitations regarding outdoor activities. High summer temperature is notorious for causing heat strokes. Also, if you continue to expose yourself to the air conditioner, you are likely to experience a headache. Therefore, it is one of the best practices to carry along an emergency kit in readiness for whatever condition that may occur to you. Your package should include but not limited to clean drinking water because the summer temperatures can get you dehydrated, a lifesaver reflective triangle, a small well-equipped toolkit, a first-aid kit, some prepared medicine and salt water. Also, you may consider securing a couple of sunscreen sticks to keep in your gloves along with Lanmodo portable car shade tent to protect your skin from harmful sunrays entering your car. To make your journey life even more enjoyable, you can carry a flashlight for the night, a phone charger and some snacks of course.

4. Summer driving glove

You must have realized that your car's steering gathers oils and dirt quite quickly. With the continuous accumulation, it finally turns much unhygienic. Also, it can cause lack of comfort while driving or even lack grip. Acquiring a pair of summer driving gloves can significantly minimize your exposure to dirt and guarantee you a firm grasp of the steering wheel throughout the drive. Equally, owning a pair of summer driving gloves adds some style to your general outfit as it brings about some uniqueness with it. With the summer gloves, your sweating problem after long drives is somewhat solved.

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