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Top 10 Key Features of Lanmodo Pro Automatic Car Tent You Should Know

Mar 11, 2019, 4:54 pm / Lara
If you have been hearing about Lanmodo Pro automatic tent but have not known the key features, you are on the right site. This post is concentrated on teaching you more on what you need to know about the ten key features of this technologically improved automatic car tent.


The first thing you need to know about this ageless and wonderful tent made for all kinds of cars is that it is designed with auto features. These are the features that made its uses comfortable and effortless. To make the auto feature more effective, the tent is built with a wireless remote control. This remote control can be used to open or close the tent with just a click on a button. So, you can stand some distance away from this tent for a car and open or close it at your will.

2.Portable, Easy to Store

No one ever wants to buy a tent that is so heavy that he/she has to suffer before lifting it up. Also, no one wants the tent that will occupy entire space when it comes to storage. That is what made the Lanmodo Pro a good option for car owners. Its portable size design makes storage quite easy and extremely simple. The foldable feature of this Lanmodo Pro car tent even helps to reduce the storage space. It can be folded and stored in one corner of car trunk without taking up entire space. With the lightweight fiberglass material and fabric used in making this tent, it is known to be extremely portable.

3. Car Shade to Cool Down Car Temperature

You need not suffer discomfort while inside your car during hot summer due to increase in temperature. That is why you should consider taking advantage of this best car tent known as Lanmodo pro. The fabric is built to absorb the heat coming from the sun thereby keeping the temperature of a car interior at controlled ranged. Due to the anti-heated feature associated with the tent, the temperature difference between the car exposed to the sun and the one under the cover is up to 97°F / 36°C. With this temperature reduction, the interior of your car will remains cool and comfortable notwithstanding summer heat.

4. Car Protection from Daily Damage

The daily damage that can happen to your car can be averted or prevented by covering it with Lanmodo pro. The damages caused by hail, direct sunlight, bird poop, dust, snow, and others can be prevented with the help of this tent. That is why it is important for you to make use of this newly invented tent on the car made for all kinds of vehicles.

5. Hail Proof on your car

You can protect your car from damages caused by hail during the winter season. The only tent that can guarantee you this is the four-season car tent. This tent is no other but the Lanmodo Pro tent. It is built to serve effectively in all weather and seasons of the year. Therefore, hail will no more cause damage to your car when you hide the car under the coverage of this advanced and beautiful tent.

6. The Big Coverage Size Cover all Car Shape 4800 * 2300mm

Which kind of vehicle are you currently using, hatchback, sedan, station wagon, pickup, truck, van, sports car or Jeep? The Lanmodo Pro automatic car tent can guarantee perfect protection. It is made with big coverage size enough to cover all vehicles irrespective of the shape or size. The size of this tent measures 4800 * 2300mm, which is enough to ensure absolute coverage of any vehicle.

7. Easy to Clean

There is absolutely no need to worry about snowfall on your car when you have Lanmodo Pro covering it. It is built with snow shaking system, making it easy for the tent to shake off snow automatically without cleaning it yourself. Also, the quality fabric used in the tent is easy to watch and clean and does not stain easily. That means you will always enjoy a stress-free experience using this Lanmodo Pro auto tent to cover your car.

8. Promote Business with Customization

If you are running small or medium scale business or even large corporation, you can create awareness about the business using this Lanmodo Pro. It is built with customizable fabric, which you can redesign to represent your business anywhere you go. You can customize your business website, logo, slogan, website, and color for your advertisement using this Lanmodo Pro. The elegant look of Lanmodo Pro can make it easy to turn neck of people to take a glimpse of your customization.

9. Outdoor Umbrella to Enjoy Life in Beach, Garden and Other Outdoor Space

If you want to have a nice time with friends, loved ones and family in a garden, beach, and others, you will need a good tent. The Lanmodo Pro is just the best tent you can use and enjoy peace of mind. With the USB port, you can plug your LED lights or charge your mobile phone. The wall charger can be used to charge the tent for longer outdoor use. Also, no matter the outdoor activity you want to organize the Lanmodo Pro can serve you better.

10. Family Camping Tent, big and huge for over 10 people

Your family group outing is going to be more enjoyable with Lanmodo Pro camping tent, which is big enough to accommodate 10 people at a time. There for it is the right tent for your camping and other outdoor activities involving group of people.

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