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The Incredible Benefits of Lanmodo Pro Automatic Car Tent

Mar 11, 2019, 4:49 pm / Evelyn Smith
Various types of car tents flood the motor accessory market. But they are just not ideal for four-season protection of your car. They are either too complicated to install or too cumbersome to move around. Therefore, an automatic car tent is perfect for the welfare of your car in the leafy autumn, the sunny summers, and the snowy winters that are deadly for your vehicle. Fortunately, the Lanmodo pro automatic car tent is the ultimate solution here. Lanmodo car tent is an exceptional design through hard-work and careful research. All these tailored for your better life.

These unique features make Lanmodo Pro the incredible option:

Compatible with All Car Models

The automatic car tent is set to give any car model four-season protection. Let not the climatic dynamics limit you from acquiring your dream car. May it be an SUV, jeep, 4-wheel beech vehicle, pick-ups, and even a Sedan. Depending on the car size, the car tent definitely takes care of the main car body. However, for a smaller car, the tent can provide full cover. You don't need to keep vigilant of the shelter while outside, the anti-theft feature of the tent belts make your property safe from trespassers.

Remote and Automated Control

You can operate the Lanmodo pro car tent remotely from the comfort of shade via a palm-fit remote control device. The tent only needs your effort to take it down before setting off. You can open or close the car tent within 8 seconds, making it the newest wonder in the technological realm. The remote control makes the automatic car tent the easiest to operate car accessory. The open-close switch works for over 10,000 times for a lifetime. The remote control device enables even your child to operate the Lanmodo pro car tent like a boss.

Four-season Protection of Your Car

A typical year has four seasons with unique conditions. Your car needs cover from the falling leaves in autumn, protection from the scorching sun of the summer and the falling snow in winters. Lanmodo pro four-season car tent can prevent excess heat from the sun from destroying the main body of your car; the dust of Autumn leaves can ruin the brightness of your car fabric. With the automatic car tent installed, the sun temperatures hitting your vehicle are reduced by half. Only about 36°C uniformly reach the roof of your car even if the outside temperatures are as high as 71°C.

Portable and Easy to Install

The daily chores are enough; nobody deserves an extra headache. With this in mind, the Lanmodo pro car tent is portable enough, suitable for every occasion. The installation process faster than you can imagine. In 30 seconds and with the help of an automatic remote control device, a car tent is up and functioning. You are guaranteed of your car protection any time anywhere, may you be on the beach, office, garden and even within your compound. The car tent's windproof nature of up to 30 mph gives it enough immunity to withstand street winds and beach breezes.

USB Port Slot

Thanks to the Lanmodo pro automatic car tent, you no longer need to worry about your phone battery dying in the middle of nowhere without any backup measure. The USB port comes handy with the automatic car tent making recharging your phone as easy as counting your fingers. When out for camping with family and friends, you need a reliable source of light. Fortunately, you have Lanmodo pro car tent by your side. With the capability to support the illumination of a lighting system. You can plug in LED lights to the USD port for comfortable lighting. The USB port supplies you with power as long as you may need it. It is technology on a new level for better outdoor life.

Lanmodo Makes Your Life Better

A car that is well taken care of lasts for long with a maintained shiny look. Your car should be ideal and suitable for every occasion. Therefore, factors such as lousy weather should not limit one's adventures. Thanks to the ever-evolving science, the Lanmodo pro automatic car tent is a design with your needs in mind. For the ultimate protection of your car against the agents of destruction including terrible weather as a result of climatic changes, choose the Lanmodo Pro automatic car tent, it is a symbol of quality and excellence.

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