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The Dos and Don'ts for Car Owners in Winter

Mar 12, 2019, 4:29 pm / Brian Lageose
Most people who are passionate about cars keep them as their own babies. They try and leave no stones unturned to care for their cars and protect them from all possible harms. But winter means trouble! Not only does parking become a major issue because of the heavy snowfall, hailstorms or other weather conditions, even driving gets difficult during winters. In such situation, is it possible to offer winter car protection? What are the dos and don'ts for every car owner during the cold season? Here is a list for you.

First let us see, what are the dos?

  1. Your car needs suitable protection against harsh wind and snow in order to stay in good shape. One absolute ‘do' for winter car protection is a winter car tent. Car tent is a new form of car protection that makes up for the disadvantages of a carport and garage. The best gift you can give your vehicle this winter is a Lanmodo winter car tent! It is a car tent that mounts on the top of your car and opens with the click of a wireless remote control. Lanmodo is made of lightweight material, therefore can be easily carried anywhere and set up within a minute. With the portable Lanmodo car tent, you can shield your car against the harsh weather because the tent acts as a strong cover for your car against environmental elements. It is truly the best investment you can make for your car.
  1. Because days turn into nights before you could even realize during winters, it is essential to keep your vehicle lights in good shape, especially in this season. The headlights for instance, should not be too foggy or yellow, and any snow covering on the exterior lights should always be removed before you head out to drive to some place.
  2. It is a mandate to keep your car's battery in order in winters because it becomes troublesome for the battery to operate in such extreme weather condition. Perform a volt test on your battery before winter approaches. The coolant in your car keeps your car's engine from freezing due to the extremely low temperature during winters. Take care that your car isn't low on coolants before winter comes and see to it that there's no leakage in the car's engine that could lead to the coolant getting drained out!
  1. Keep an emergency kit handy consisting of quick snacks, bottles of water, boots, warm jacket, a blanket, first aid kit, gloves, flashlight and the like in your vehicle at all times. You could get stuck anywhere in the worst-case scenarios, and this could be your survival kit.

What are the don'ts?

  1. Do not ever park your car in wet lands during winters when the temperatures are already very low. Your tires may get frozen. Also remember that if you're from a place where the temperatures normally drop below 45 degrees, you should consider getting your vehicle winter tires. Remember to keep tire pressures on check too.
  2. Don't merely assume that the other cars on road have drivers who know how to drive in the snow. Be safe and cautious. When going up a hill, don't accelerate too much, lest your tires may spin. Also try not to stop your car when driving uphill, as going forward may not be possible and you would only end up sliding backwards.
  3. Don't take sharp turns during winters as the roads are mostly slippery or wet, and don't go too close to other cars while driving because the roads could be excessively slippery, and you may face accidents.
  1. Do not turn on the vehicle's ignition continuously. Your car may face trouble to start often in winters, but that shouldn't coax you to repeatedly turn the ignition on. You should instead wait for at least half a minute and then turn the ignition on in case your car suddenly stops or doesn't start immediately.
Weather conditions are beyond human control; however, taking preventive measures can surely help to protect your car. Follow these dos and don'ts for winter car protection, and both you and your car can live a safe and warm winter

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