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The Car Top Tent Myths You Probably Believe

Mar 12, 2019, 6:14 pm / Lara

With a lot of car manufacturers delving into the field of car top tent, there are a lot of fabulously finished products in the market today with a lot of advertisements on different brands. Some of these adverts are filled with a lot of myths which most car owners have believed for years. Let us carefully look at some of these myths and discuss them properly. Good understanding of these points will help you make the right decision. When purchasing a car roof tent below are some of the myths you may encounter:

1. Car top tent can be attached to any car

Before thinking of mounting a roof over your car, better to figure out whether your car can withstand such a huge weight. Rooftop tent is heavier than you expect, generally it poses a load limit on your car of more than 165lbs. However, it's not ideal to overburden your car roof with extra weight to avoid repairing a collapsed car roof in the near future.

There are basically two types of car roof tents, which are the soft top tent and the hard top tent. They should be installed on a third party roof rack system rather than directly on the car roof, so if your car doesn't have such a system, think again before buying a car roof tent!

2. Car roof tent is easy to Install

Car roof tents are not as light as they appear on the adverts, they are mostly heavy. Consider the effort and time it takes to lift it up to the roof of the car. Most times, you will need the assistance of several people. Always keep this in your mind before concluding on how easy the installation process can be. It is better to check if you can handle the installation process

Marketing promises often want to make you understand that installation takes less than ten minutes. However, you may find yourself struggling with the installation process for over 15 minutes and still won't get the installation complete.

3. Tent over the car is safer than a traditional camping tent

While most people may think that tent over the car is safer than the traditional camping tent, this is actually not the fact. Well-built traditional camping tents are actually very strong and durable. They can last for a long time with proper maintenance.

Often times, campers make the mistake of thinking that sleeping on higher grounds is safer than sleeping on the floor in traditional camping tents. This is one of the common myths people tend to believe very easily. The truth is, sleeping in traditional tents avails you the opportunity to relax more peacefully and enjoy your camping activities.

4. Car roof tent is the only awesome-looking car tent

While marketers will want to trick you into buying their products with flamboyant colorful adverts, it is important to stop and have a rethink before throwing in your money. There are many alternatives when it comes to looks and quality. Have you heard of the Lanmodo, the world's first all-in-one automatic car tent? One of the features of this brand is its attractive looks. At first glance, anybody can easily develop an interest in the brand. This all-weather car shelter has other wonderful features that make it the ideal brand for those wishing to invest in a car roof tent.

The Lanmodo car tent, unlike other car top tents, offers an easy installation process. It comes with a remote control system so you don't have to climb up your car each time to spread out the tent. The lanmodo offers an automatic open and close system effective in just 8 seconds of clicking the appropriate button.
Besides, Lanmodo is designed with ingenuity that has multiple functions. While you enjoy your off-road camping experience, you are also assured that your car is well protected from harsh weather conditions. And when you need a rest, you can easily transform it into a large camping tent, and your whole family will enjoy a wonderful time together!

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