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Some importance of New Innovative Portable Automatic Car Tent

Mar 6, 2019, 6:05 pm / Brian Lageose
If you have a car and want to ensure absolute protection irrespective of the weather condition, you are welcome. Through the content of this post you are going to learn some important points to note about new innovative moveable car tent. To learn more about it you should take time to read to the end of this post.

Part 1: A Portable Car Tent Keep Your Driving Comfortable

The first benefit you stand to enjoy from the portable car tent is comfort. Being portable simply means that it can be moved from one place to another. So, you can take this tent to any place you want without any form of limitation. In order to ensure your overall comfort, there are lots of features associated with it you need to know.
  1. Features that help to cool down temperature
One of the important features that ensure comfort of the users is the temperature controlling feature. This automatic car tent is built with special and innovative feature that helps to keep the temperature at bay mostly during summer. It can reduce the temperature of your car up to 36°C during the summer. That means you will still enjoy comfort when you drive your car during the summer weather irrespective the heat of the sun.
  1. Car tent that help to Prevent snow, hail
Snow and hail will no more cause huge problem for your car when you make use of the innovative auto car tent. This is built with oxford canopy cloth that can protect car from hail and snow. With the help of this specially designed innovative tent you can be sure of protecting your car from damages caused by snow and hail. No more the regular chores of scrapping snow off your car when you have this specially designed innovative car umbrella.
  1. Keep car clean from bird droppings, leaves, durst…
Since you will not like dirt to take over your car, you have to provide your car with a good cover. You need the car cover that can protect your car from bird droppings, durst, leaves, flashes, rain and others. The lanmodo auto car umbrella or tent is the answer. This is a new innovative auto car cover that can guarantee your absolute coverage.

Part 2: Automatic Car Tent Easy Your Life

  1. Fold-able
There are many car tents in the market today with different features and designs. They are built with unique design depending on the brand. The Lanmodo automatic tent is built with fold-able features to enhance the portability. With the foldable feature associated with car tent you can easily fold and install it into your trunk. That made the tent portable and easy to be carried to anywhere the user wish.
  1. Easy and Save time
Another good point about the new innovative car tents is that they are easy to use. The innovative Lanmodo car cover can easily be installed by one person. The installation only takes 30s and the folding and unfolding time only takes 8s. This is done with only a touch in a button of the remote control. That is why you should go ahead and take advantage of this automatic tent.
  1. Makes driver free from cooling car and clean car
Another thing you should know about the innovative tent is that it is designed with exceptional innovative. It offers drivers opportunity to enjoy clean and cooling free experience. So, you should go ahead and take advantage of this innovative car umbrella. Your driving will be comfortable and amazing experience at all times.

Part 3: Multi-function Features

There are many multi-function associated with this car cover. Putting your logo on top of car will be easily done when you make use of this tent. You can equally use this tent for picnic with friends and family. With multi-function of this tent you use it as a good family camping tent and you will enjoy absolute coverage on your car and yourself. There is USB port in the tent where you can charge your phone or your torch light. Your beach party will become exciting when you make use this new innovative car automatic tent.

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