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Most Common Winter Car Problems and How to Avoid Them

Mar 13, 2019, 11:40 am / Lara

Winter can be a troublesome season for car owners. Unfortunately, we just have to deal with the weather every year. There is a list of common troubles you should expect as a car owner in the winter. A good understanding of these problems and their solutions is important, and here we will present them to you.

Trouble 1: Slippery roads

With a heavy downpour of snow on the road, slippery roads are very common and is among the major causes of the accident in the winter because slippery roads make it very difficult to control the car. So our regular car tires are not designed to handle such extreme weather conditions. There are a few measures you can take to tackle this problem.

  1. Invest in winter tires
  2. Investing in winter tires is certainly the first step in dealing with winter problems. Snow winter tires are specially designed with improved braking system and performance at bends in winter temperature. Winter tires can withstand cold, snow, slush and ice. The secret behind the snow tire is the soft rubber component that stays flexible and soft even at temperatures below 7oC. They are also designed with aggressive tread block that ensures better grasp of the road.

  3. Adjust tire pressure
  4. For best car performance, ensure that the tires are at the right pressure. When tires are not properly gauged, handling can be a bit difficult. The right tire pressures can be searched just by the driver's door or in the car user manual.

  5. Check car brakes regularly
  6. Car brakes are very important and should be checked regularly in the winter. The chances of a brake failure leading to fatal accidents are high in the winter. Early detection of brake problems can help avoid the situation. This is why it is very important to keep it in check. Replace worn out brake pads and ensure that brake fluids are properly gauged.

  7. Avoid driving too close to other cars
  8. Most drivers often make the mistake of driving so close to the car in front of them. This can be particularly risky especially on slippery roads in winter because your car needs more time to stop after stamping on the brake pads, and too close a distance easily lead to accidents. Maintain the 2 seconds rule when driving.

Trouble 2: Heavy snow build-up on your car

It is no longer new to find your car under a heavy pile of snow in the winter. Often times when this happens, the door locks and other components are frozen. Unfreezing these parts can be very taking as it involves a lot of processes.

  1. Invest in a winter car tent
  2. Car tents are no longer an option but part of our daily need. There is a lot of car tent in the market for you today. A winter car tent like the Lanmodo is designed to ensure your car is protected. It is designed with solid fiberglass frame and 3-ply material, capable of withstanding hail and shielding your car from direct snow during the winter. If you are a car owner, it is very important to get a Lanmodo winter car tent. This will save you the cost of repairing works in the long run.

Trouble 3: Damaged paint caused by road salt or hail

One of the greatest enemies of your car paint in the winter is the road salt. Road salt is used to melt snow during the winter but it's also not safe on your car paint. Another agent of the weather that can damage your car is hail, which can cause instant damage to your car paint and even windshield. Winter car protection is very important and every driver should get handy.

  1. Wash car regularly
  2. Washing car regularly and properly is very important during the winter. Regular and proper washing will help get rid of road salt from hidden corners of your car. Invest in products specially made for washing your car and avoid using dishwashers and detergent on the car. They will cause your car paint to fade out fast.

  3. Wax your car after washing
  4. Just like we need sunscreen, your car needs waxing. Waxing will help your car paint last longer. This means that you will enjoy the new looks of your car much longer. You may want to employ the services of an expert to wax your car.

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