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The Most Common Summer Car Problems and Corresponding Solutions

Mar 6, 2019, 6:06 pm / Lara
There are quite a number of problems associated with the summer. These problems can range from overheating to flat tires, form broken car conditioners to battery quickly running out. It is not uncommon to experience these events and can be really frustrating when these problems occur. Understanding the causes of such problems and corresponding summer car protection methods will certainly bring a sigh of relief during the summer.

1. Vehicle overheating

During the summer, it is a common phenomenon to be hit by heat waves when you open the car door. This is due to the fact that car temperatures can rise to an alarming height. The heat of the sun can as also be a contributing factor that increases the rate at which the car engines heats up rapidly.
While the car windshield provides you with an unobstructed view of the road while we drive, it also provides a medium for sun rays to enter the car. While the glass is heated up a bit, the darker surfaces like the dashboard and seat get extremely heated up. These areas, in turn, heat up the interior of the car through the process of conduction and convection, leaving behind hot air trapped inside the car.
  1. Solution
Investing in a car shade tent can offer you some cooling. When investing in a sunshade, it is important to purchase one that covers your car body. The Lanmodo car tent is capable of providing your car with the needed protection from the sun heat during summer. The Lanmodo sunshade acts as a barrier between your car and the sun rays with its UV treated oxford material ensuring your car remain cool. It can be easily installed on top of the car and cools down car temperature up to 36 degrees.

2. Flat tire

The summer can be very harsh on your tires, the increase in the temperature of the road can be responsible for your car tires flexing more quickly. It can add a lot of stress to tires that are filled to the maximum. In areas where the roads are under construction, this process usually leaves a lot of debris on the road that can easily lead to a flat tire due to so much pressure already on the tires from escalated temperatures.
  1. Solution
Ensure to regularly check your car tire pressure. Ensure to keep car tires at the right pressure, it should be noted that car tire pressure in summer should be higher than winter. This will help reduce the amount of stress on the tires. After covering some mile, endeavor to stop and do a routine check of the car tire pressure. Always keep a spare tire, it can come in handy in cases of a flat tire.

3. A weak or dead battery

The heat of the summer is certainly one of the reasons why the car battery weakens faster because hot weather is very hard on car batteries. During the summer, it is much easier for battery fluid to evaporate, this can also lead to damage to the internal part of the battery parts.
  1. Solution
Car batteries usually show up some signs when they have begun to fail. Ensure to stay abreast with these signs and take the appropriate action before it finally fails. Know the age of your car battery. This is important because most car batteries are overdue for a change after 3 to 5 years. It would be better if your car is under a car shade tent in summer.

4. Broken car air conditioner

During the summer, we are compelled to use the car AC more due the rising heat from the sun. This increases the amount of pressure on the car air conditioner. More heat certainly means the car AC needs to be cranked up to deal with the heat. However, this is not very good for your car air conditioner as such can cause it to break down much faster.
  1. Solution
Remember to clean your car AC thoroughly after prolonged use. This helps to unclog vents and ensure smooth operation of your air condition system. Endeavor to go for a routine AC maintenance. One more mistake people make is leaving the air conditioner to run all the way. Ensure to switch off the AC and allow it a rest after using it for a while, then switching it on again. This can help your car air conditioner to last longer during the summer.

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