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Lanmodo Multifunctional Car Tent Is Like A Transformer!

Mar 12, 2019, 6:24 pm / Lara

When you think of car shelter, beach umbrella, and camping tent, do you think of a single product? These three things are often sold individually because of their different functions. The good news is, there is now a product that will give you the benefits of all these three items together! As soon as you meet the Lanmodo multifunctional car tent, you will fall in love with this innovative product that can transform to a car shelter, a camping tent, and a beach umbrella!

Lanmodo as a car shelter

If you think you're the only one who needs protection from the unpredictable weather, then you are wrong, your car also needs protection from the harm. And you should do your best to protect it because it's one of your investments. While you might have a garage at home, some places that you go to everyday might not have one. Because of this, you'll be forced to park your car outside, which probably means scorching sun, bird droppings and other harmful effects. These things damage your car paint and even the interiors of your car.

Lanmodo car shelter is a fantastic product that can help you avoid these things. Your car will enjoy four season protection. Dust, acid rain, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays won't be able to damage your car because Lanmodo acts like a shield for your automobile. If you're worried about the installation, you won't have any problem with Lanmodo car shelter! It's the world's first wireless and automatic car shelter, which means you won't need any special tools or super strength to install this car shelter on your automobile. With one click you can open or close your it.

Lanmodo As A Beach Umbrella

When you're going to a beach, it's nice to sun bathe and get your tan. However, you also need some shade so that your skin won't get burnt by the scorching heat. But have you found a beach umbrella that is big enough for you and some of your friends? Lanmodo beach umbrella is what you've been waiting for.

Lanmodo comes with an adjustable stand so you can use transform the car shelter into a beach umbrella. Aside from this, Lanmodo is super lightweight. A lot of people have problems about bringing around heavy beach umbrellas. If you're going to a trip, you already have a lot of things to pack so it's really a great idea to bring an umbrella that's not heavy, just like Lanmodo. You can simply put it in the trunk and it won't take much space. One of the highlights of getting Lanmodo beach umbrella is the USB port. When you're relaxing in the beach and taking photos or browsing through your newsfeed, your phone battery might get drained because of your usage. To help you avoid this, you can use its USB port and enjoy your relaxing time under the sun.

Lanmodo As A Camping Tent

If you're someone who loves the outdoors and the adventure that it brings, then you must always have a handy camping tent in your car. But how can you do this if your traditional camping tent is to heavy to bring around and takes a lot of effort to assemble?

Because of Lanmodo's umbrella shape and side canopies, it also makes a good camping tent for you. It is easy to install and can accommodate up to 7 people comfortably. So if you're going out with your friends, you will have no problem fitting under this tent. Another amazing feature is that you can use the canopy as a movie screen. Watch your favorite movies under the stars with a portable projector and enjoy it with your special someone.

The Lanmodo is the ultimate transformer that you need. You can use it as a car shelter to provide four-season car protection. Any time you want to go to the beach, you can use it as a beach umbrella. Aside from this, it's a good camping tent that you can use if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature. Lanmodo is your buddy that will protect your car outdoors and bring joy to life!

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