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Lanmodo Car Tent to Protect Your Car from Summer to Winter

Mar 6, 2019, 5:47 pm / Brian Lageose
If you truly love your car, you will be ready to do everything possible to ensure its protection from damage. There are several auto car tent types and brands in the market but most of them are built specifically for a particular season of the year. The Lanmodo car tent is the only tent portable enough to give your car protects it deserves both in the hot summer and cold winter. The truth is that whether the weather is hot or cold your car will definitely need protection from thing or the other. That is the reason why this innovative and well built Lanmodo car umbrella is the right choice you need to make at any point in time. It is built with the right features that will protect your car perfectly from hot summer as well as cold winter coupled with other kinds of dirt that may likely stain your car. There are more reasons why you need to go for Lanmodo automatic car tent.

Why You Choose Lanmodo Car Tent to Protect Your Car?

1. Can cool down the temperature of the car interior during hot summer

During the hot summer, the temperature of your car interior will increase to the point of causing discomfort to you. But with Lanmodo, you will be sure of cold and comfortable car interior. There is major reason why Lanmodo car umbrella is known as best portable tent when it comes to protecting the car against hot summer. This particular reason is the anti-heated theory associated with Lanmodo car umbrella. With this theory:
  1. The heat of the sun will not come directly on your car
  2. Lanmodo is designed with fabric, which absorb part if not all heat coming directly to your car, thereby controlling the temperature of your car interior.

2. Withstand strong wind in windy condition

Indeed, Lanmodo car umbrella is built to withstand strong and disturbing wind speed of up to 13m/s(61km/h). Then the reason why Lanmodo car umbrella is able to withstand strong wind with great speed are:
  1. It is built with double windproof style and design: This innovative design will help to protect your umbrella from rain and other things that can damage your car.
  2. It comes with for strong wind-resistant ropes: These ropes are strong enough to resist the wind and protect the umbrella from damage.
  3. It comes with strong suction: This is a strong suction made of nitrile rubber sucker, which cannot easily be moved by wind.
  4. It comes with waterproof Buckles. This buckle is built with copper material which does not rust easily.

When there is intense wind stronger than the Lanmodo car umbrella can carry, the cloth leave the holder automatically so as to avoid wind damaging the structure. In fact, this particular feature is among the reasons why most people usually go for Lanmodo car umbrella in any season of the year including hot summer and cold winter.

3. Protect Your car in rainy and snowy conditions

Of a truth, Lanmodo car umbrella serves several purposes at the same time for owners. It is useful not just for the rainy situation but also for strong snowy situation that want to cause serious trouble to your car. It is built with Waterproof cloth that can protect your car from water splashes, and rain water, protect your car from snow as well as acid rain. In fact, you will be sure of complete dustproof with Lanmodo car umbrella on top of your vehicle at any point in time. This usefulness of Lanmodo car umbrella is not just for nothing, it is due to some special features the umbrella is made with. Some of the special features that made this auto car tent useful for both hot summer and snowy winter are:

  1. The waterproof cover cloth material is made with 210D Oxford Nylon.
  2. It is also made of fiberglass rod with hardened military materials.

However, there are things you need to note about Lanmodo car umbrella when you want to invest on it. Lanmodo car umbrella is not made to withstand strong wind, big-heavy snow or mixture of snow and rain. That means you should be cautious while make use of this wonderful, innovative and trendy portable car tent.

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