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Lanmodo Car Parking Tent Keeps Your Car Safe And Sound

Mar 12, 2019, 4:24 pm / Lara

As a driver, you should not be concerned only about driving but also the safety of your car when parking. If you drive your car to a particular place, most times you will find open car parking spaces, which also means that your car is unprotected from outdoor damages. Therefore, how can you protect your car from such elements? If this is your concern, there is no need to worry anymore because Lanmodo car parking tent is here to your rescue.

What is Lanmodo Car Parking Tent?

When it comes to car parking, most people would first think of a garage or a carport, which, however, are too bulky to be moved, so they can only protect your car when parking at home. But how about those cars that are parked outside? Fortunately, Lanmodo has created a car parking tent that is able to provide car protection wherever and whenever, let's take a look!
Lanmodo Car Parking tent is a car canopy installed on top of your car to offer needed protection when you park the car outside. Moreover, its shape comes from the inspiration of ordinary umbrella that we people use to protect ourselves, yes, it's in the shape of an umbrella and is able to suit the car body well.

Lanmodo car parking tent mainly consists two parts: its main structure is made of strong fiberglass and its canopy is made of durable Oxford cloth, therefore this car tent is both lightweight and sturdy. What's better, Lanmodo can be folded into a package, so car owners are able to take it anywhere just by putting it in the car trunk, and then use the car parking tent as the like.
Apart from the innovative shape and distinctive features above, the Lanmodo car parking tent also comes with other benefits that make it a definitely suitable gift to your car.

What Are The Benefits of Lanmodo Car Parking Tent?

1. Safeguard your car against all elements

If your car remains uncovered, solar radiation and ultraviolet rays may dangerously affect the exterior part. Additionally, elements such as dust, snow, hail, rain, and wind can be prevented from getting access into your car especially during the cool winter when you use the Lanmodo car parking tent. Apart from this, certain weather-controlled insects may have a damaging effect on your car; however, these can be avoided by using a car parking tent. Getting the Lanmodo car parking tent isn't something to think twice if you want to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. It is advisable to use the one that suits your budget.

2. Easy installation and portability

Tired of installing those troublesome car covers when you need to protect the car anywhere you like? Lanmodo car parking tent helps you solve this problem. After placing the car tent on the middle of car roof, for semi-auto one, just unfold it gently by hand and for the automatic one, just take the remote control to open it. Because of its portability, where there is a Lanmodo car parking tent, this is protection for your car!

Suitable for nearly car models

The Lanmodo car parking tent can be used for nearly all car models, whether it's a sedan, mini or suv, Lanmodo can be set up because it is attached to the car with a strong suction cup. Besides, Lanmodo has two sizes now, so you can choose the suitable size for your car and give it perfect protection!

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