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Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent Gives Your Car Four-season Protection

Mar 11, 2019, 4:53 pm / Abigail Williams
A car is like a man's second family and should be given proper protection from harsh weather conditions to avert any damages. Scorching sun rays in summer, fallen leaves in autumn, snow and hail in winter may damage your car drastically. You would never want to cause any damage to your car because of such weather conditions. Do you really have a way out for this? If not, then Lanmodo car tent is here to give you the solution to all these problems. Lanmodo automatic car tent will give your car four-season protection to ensure it still retains its beauty even after the harsh weather conditions.

Lanmodo Provides Shade for the Car During the Summer Season

High temperatures during summer can cause damages both to the car and the driver. Lanmodo doesn't want you and your car to suffer. It takes care your health and well-being. This is the reason why Lanmodo has come up with automatic car tent that reduces the temperature inside the car. Who doesn't like lower temperature, especially when the sun is on top. The tent is portable further reducing your worry about taking up most of your car space. The tent is made in an innovative way that it can decrease temperatures of a car up to 36 degrees. It solves your concern about parking the car under shade. When the temperatures are reduced to this level, the ambiance inside the car gives much relief and comfort. You can easily drive your vehicle without sweating.

Lanmodo Protects the Car from Fallen Leaves in Autumn

During the autumn, fallen leaves under the tree add more beauty to nature. You may feel more connected to mother nature when you see these leaves in the garden. However, these leaves may damage your car in case your car is parked on garden premises. Fallen leaves carry dust with them, further fading the paint of your car. You may need to clean your car to prevent the damage. You can easily prevent this situation with Lanmodo outdoor tent. It is like an umbrella that shields your car from being stained by the dirty leaves. The tent is designed in a way that it is easily portable and very easy to take out. In addition, Lanmodo car tent also has a USB port along with a connection on the base of the car tent. You can use this port for charging your mobile phone.

Lanmodo Protects the Car from Snow and Hail

Watching the snowfall is a wonderful moment. Snowfall has its loveliness. You would surely like to take a long ride during this time. You may get in trouble while starting your car due to cold weather. Removing the snow from your car top will be another concern for you. Lanmodo car tent has taken care of your every concern. The tent has a remote control and you'll not be required to open and close the car tent during heavy snow and hails. It is designed in a way that it covers your car top. You can later shake the snow to fall in minutes, thus helping you in saving your time from removing the snow. After removing the snow, you can easily fold the tent using the remote control and put it back to its original position. The tent also has the function of hail-proof, it is stable and strong enough to withstand the hit of hail, therefore protecting your car from being badly dented.

Four-season Protection with Lanmodo Car Tent

You don't have to take your car to the garage after harsh weather conditions, Lanmodo has the four-season car tent for your car. The temperature inside the car will be regulated by the anti-heated theory that is associated with Lanmodo car tent. This will eventually help in absorbing some of the heat coming into your car. There is no more need to build car shelters as Lanmodo comes with innovative technology and features. The tent provides your car with four-season protection during summer, autumn, and winter and avoids bird droppings in all the four seasons. Lanmodo automatic car tent is also waterproof and protects your car in rainy season, it is portable and designed to protect your car invariably in any season. Enjoy your ride with exhilarating Lanmodo tent.

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