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Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent Always Brings You Surprises

Mar 13, 2019, 2:28 pm / Abigail Williams

Owning a car is not enough if you don't protect it from every harm at all times. Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent is one such product that brings a buckload of surprises for your car. It protects your car, transforms itself into a beach umbrella, a camping tent, and has other benefits.

Lanmodo car tent's automatic feature has brought about a wave of revolution in the present day. Its incredible design, outstanding material, plethora of features, and ability to bear every temperature makes it the best. Did you know that Lanmodo is the first car tent that combines the wireless feature along with entertainment features for the user and all-round protection for the car?

Lanmodo automatic car tent has been tailor made to offer more convenience for users, a better life for your car, and extremely pleasant outdoor travel. Let's take a look at some of the amazing features of Lanmodo car tent -

It's automatic and durable -

The first car tent that has automatic feature. What do we mean by that? All it takes for the Lanmodo car tent to protect your car is the press of a button. It takes 8 seconds to open and 30 seconds for the whole installation process. Charge it once every 45 days and your car and you will be covered. Now, you must be wondering how capable is this car tent against falling objects, hail and snow. Manufacturers have put it through a series of examinations to ensure the quality of the product. Stones and bricks were thrown from great heights to see whether or not Lanmodo car tent can bear the impact. Well, you will be glad to know that the results prove that Lanmodo automatic car tent is durable. Besides, Lanmodo is equipped with an anti-theft belt in case of being stolen.

One car tent, more functions -

Lanmodo car tent works perfectly at -20 degrees, proving that your car will be protected no matter what the outside temperature is. Lanmodo also brings cool in summer--the interiors of your car become very uncomfortable when left uncovered under the sun, Lanmodo automatic car tent will even solve this problem by cooling down the temperature of your car up to 36 degrees.

Fit this car tent with an adjustable stand and you will have a beach umbrella. This will offer a pleasurable time on the beach for you and your family. With its USB port, you can even charge the mobile devices when sitting under its cover. Apart from this, Lanmodo can transform into a camping tent huge enough for 7 people.

Lanmodo Pro - The new version

The biggest difference between the two versions of Lanmodo automatic car tent lies in size. The Lanmodo pro is 4.8m * 2.3m, which means it is huge enough for most vehicles. It is an updated version from the original one. There were several car owners who complained about the small size of the car tent that was previously in the market. Lanmodo Pro is a car tent that is designed for all the four seasons. It enriches the experience of owning a car all year long.

The features of Lanmodo Pro -

  1. Big enough to cover most vehicles.
  2. Lanmodo Pro can offer better four-season car protection, with its upgraded canopy and structure.
  3. It is of three windproof designs, that is, 8 adjustable windproof straps to stabilize the car tent; two-layer canopy to let air flow through and the strong suction cup for secure.

If you are tired of traditional car covers that fail to perform the task of car protection, then stop wasting your time and buy a Lanmodo automatic car tent that is very easy to use and makes life convenience and interesting.

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