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How to Keep Your Car Paint in Good Condition?

Mar 6, 2019, 6:08 pm / Abigail Williams
You have bought the brand new car and excited to have a glimpse of its bright color. The moment you look at your car, you feel overwhelmed to see its appearance and the excellent paint that gives you a feeling of excitement and happiness. It is natural that you want to maintain this condition, so what you need is to get more knowledge about car paint, let's have a look then.

1. What is the importance of car paint?

There is no doubt that when people first take a glimpse at a car, its appearance is the most important, in which car paint plays a big role. The brand new, shiny car paint will leave a good impression. What if the car paint is not very soothing to your eyes as the car color is very dull? It may leave you disappointment. To avoid this awkward situation, it is essential that the car paint be maintained in good condition so as to bring more joy to you and your family. While protecting your dream car, much importance should be given to the car paint protection and its quality as you would never want your car paint to be scratched or dinged.

2. What damage car paint is easy to suffer

Different weather conditions can damage your car paint. During summer, scorching sun rays may result in fading away of your car paint. Whereas in winter, snow can be accumulated on the top of your car and while removing the snow flakes, you may scratch the color, which will affect the appearance of your vehicle. During autumn, you may consider fallen leaves on the vehicle as an issue as these leaves will leave dust and dirt, which may cause the color of your vehicle dull as compared to a brand new car. Bird droppings is another concern that you should consider during car paint protection. All these damages to your dream car will surely upset you. Also, it will cost a lot to fix car paint.

3. Useful ways to protect car paint

  1. Add a layer of wax
You can certainly apply a coat of car wax that will help in preventing corrosive materials from sticking to the surface of your vehicle paint. Car wax will also extend the life of your car paint. Applying carnauba, beeswax or Montan car wax will shield environmental pollution and moisture along with hot sun rays that damage your car paint.
  1. Apply paint sealant
Sealants are another great option to protect your car paint. They are made from synthetic ingredients. Applying car sealants will create a protective layer on your car and your car will look new during all weather conditions. They are available in market at affordable cost. You can choose to apply sealants once or twice a year depending on the usage of your vehicle.
  1. Clean your car regularly
Keeping your vehicle hygienic is very important for the safety of car paint health. Fallen leaves contain lots of dust which affects the vehicle paint. To protect your car from accumulated dust, you should regularly clean your vehicle so that the car remains tidy and the car accessories inside the vehicle are free of any dust and corrosion.
  1. Buy a car protection tent
In fact, the above methods are taken after the car paint already getting stained or damaged, the best way to protect your car paint is definitely carrying out precaution measure. Here comes the last but maybe best option, invest in a car protection tent such as Lanmodo car tent. This car tent will give comprehensive protection to your vehicle paint by forming a large umbrella on top of the vehicle, thus preventing the car from damaged by the elements. What's more, Lanmodo car tent comes with incredible features as portability since it can be packed into a parcel and placed in a car truck. You can install Lanmodo car tent within a few seconds with the remote control, which can save you much time.

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