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Choose Lanmodo Portable Car Tent Garage to Protect Your Vehicle

Mar 6, 2019, 5:46 pm / Evelyn Smith
After buying a new car, one of the most important things you need to consider is the way to protect the car. Harsh weather, rain drops, dust, snows and dirt can make your car not to look as neat as it ought to look. That is why Lanmodo portable car tent is made available to you. It is newly improved car tent garage built with high-tech feature making it the right choice for all car owners. Just keep reading this post to learn more about Lanmodo tent garage before investing your money in it.

Part 1: Why Need a Portable Car Garage?

There are lots of reasons why portable car garage tent is known as the best among other car covers. The traditional car tents are designed mostly to be used at home. They are built for stationary use making them not option when there is need for mobile car tent as most car lovers usually desire protection on their car when they want to move away from home. More so, portable car garage can protect your car from different kinds of things including from hot summer weather and high temperature. Moreover, portable car cover can protect the combustible material in your car. Also, the toxic gases as well as breathless materials and others inside your car will be protected when you make use of portable car garage built with mobile feature. In fact, you will not need to worry about any form of damage on your car when you have portable car garage mounted on top of your car while you are on the move. These and more are the reason why you need portable car garage in your car at any point in time.

Part 2: Why Choose Lanmodo Car Garage Tent?

Maybe you are just hearing about Lanmodo car garage tent but do not really know what it can offer, you are in the right place. This part of the post is dedicated to offer you reasons why you need to choose Lanmodo car garage tent over other kinds of car tents in the market. The Lanmodo car garage tent is built to be used on top of car for maximum protection just like the car garage tent designs with features that made it easy for mobile use. Some of the features of Lanmodo car garage tent that made it mobile friendly include:
  1. Automatic folding structure
  2. Suitable size for all cars and easy to carry around
  3. Automatic folding and unfolding with a press on remote
  4. Ensure overall protection on car
  5. Anti-heat theory reduces car temperature and ensure proper mobile sunshade

Part 3:Tips for using Lanmodo Car Tent

While there are several, benefits associated with Lanmodo car tent, it is always important for users to take note of the caution provided by the producer before going ahead to make use of this car protection. The reason is to avoid dangers associated with wrong use of Lanmodo car tent. Some of the Tips for using Lanmodo car tent you need to know are:
  1. Do not drive while your Lanmodo car umbrella is on: The producer of Lanmodo car tent has advised that users should not use the car tent while driving to avoid accident.
  2. Open anti-wind hook when you installed and want to use it: The Lanmodo car tent is built with anti-wind hook which can help protect the tent from effect of wind. For that reason, after installation, you should make sure that you hood up the anti-wind hook, the hook will help to protect the umbrella from damage.
  3. Confirm the power before going ahead to make use of Lanmodo car tent: Normally, it can use for over 1 month after one time charge, while it is important to consider the power of this umbrella before going ahead to use so as to avoid disappointment.
  4. Press reset when your remote control is not available: Lanmodo car tent is built to be used with remote control for folding and unfolding. But when the remote is not available you can press reset button located on top of the charging port close to the suction.
  5. Charge the battery with wall charger or standard car charger: If the battery power goes down, you can charge it with either standard vehicle charger or simply wall charger.

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