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Car Culture: How the Automobile Influences America

Mar 13, 2019, 11:23 am / Evelyn Smith

There are a few inventions that have had a great and positive impact on the world, one such invention is automobiles. It has changed the way people live their lives and influenced the economy and business in ways that one can't imagine. America is known as the country on wheels for good enough reasons. The country's role in the manufacture of the first vehicles is extremely impressive.

Today, Americans alone own 250 million cars. The car enthusiasts living in this country are numerous. Their lifestyle has been influenced in multiple ways. Buckle up, for we are taking you on a ride into the depths of how the car culture has influenced American lives.

The road trip

Americans have a long and incredible connection with road trips. These trips make one feel as if they are in their own movie. The cinematic effect causing one to move forward constantly, the speakers blasting tunes that constantly change with the passing scenes, the terrains, lush green mountains, the freeway exits, the tunnels, and the overall beauty of the whole experience makes it even more pleasant. Jack Kerouac's 1957 novel On the Road is a true depiction of the love that people have on road trips. Its modern take on road trips is mesmerizing to read.

Entertainment: From music to movies

Music mingles perfectly with drives. It adds a lot of fun to the everyday drive to and fro from work. If you try to look at it in a different light, then you will see the kind of adventure and thrill it involves. One of the blockbuster movies is undoubtedly Fast and Furious. It is all about the love and passion one has for roads, thrill, and of course cars. In majority of Hollywood movies cars play a massive role. The adrenaline pumping adventures taking part in cars are a major part of the film industry.

Car model collection

Americans have an incredible love for cars. They take care of this fascination by collecting different car model replicas. This passion is shared by almost every American soul. Car model collection is a passion that has lasted for ages in America but in modern days it has seen a different light.

Auto Show

The North American International Auto Show takes place on a daily basis in Detroit. Every year this show sees thousands of automobile fans gathering together in the month of January to share their immense love for automobiles. America was and continues to be the hub for car culture. There is absolutely nothing that Americans love more than the feel and beauty of a luxurious and authentic car.

Car protection and maintenance

Owning a car is like a dream coming true. It brings to life everything that a person has wished for. Americans pay a lot attention to car protection and maintenance since vehicle is an expensive product and important to family. This has motivated several companies to manufacture quality and innovative products to protect the beauty of the car at all times. One of the leading companies that is adopting modern techniques to offer unprecedented protection to cars is Lanmodo. The Lanmodo automatic car tent is an incredible item that every car owner should be in possession of.

The Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent has eliminated the time and effort required to protect the car the interior and exterior, because it takes only a few seconds to install the car tent. All one has to do is place it on car roof and then press the wireless remote. No matter where one is, the Lanmodo car tent will not disappoint them. Lanmodo has the ability to protect cars from harsh weather conditions. When the outside temperature falls below -20 degree Celsius the Lanmodo car tent works well in keeping the hail and snow away from the car. One often faces discomfort when the outside temperature soars high but Lanmodo can keep the car inside cool and comfortable.

The portable design and folding structure makes it a great companion for every trip and journey. One can only enjoy the beauty of a car if they have Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent with them at all times.

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