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7 Wonderful Ways to Use Lanmodo Folding Car Tent

Mar 13, 2019, 11:31 am / Evelyn Smith

There are so many amazing ways that you can use the Lanmodo foldable car tent to colorize your life. This tent is the perfect choice for families or those who just love the outdoors. One of its best features is versatility in that you can literally use the car tent anywhere and for a number of different purposes. There are even some ways that you probably have not considered. Now let's have a look!

#1 To Protect Your Car All Year Round

Most people would never consider using a car tent year round, but that is exactly what I am going to suggest to you. You can actually use Lanmodo folding car tent to protect your car from adverse weather conditions in all four seasons. It is the perfect solution when you drive your car outside and not have a garage to park your vehicle in. With high quality material, Lanmodo ensures to provide satisfying protection in bad weather. Just make sure that the tent is secured and anchored properly so that vehicles do not suffer any damage.

#2 To Charge Your Mobile Devices

Let's face it, everyone cannot leave mobile device these days. Even children are starting to carry their mobile devices because parents love the security when they are able to connect with their children. However, the biggest problem with the mobile devices is that they are often out of battery. Well, worry no more because Lanmodo portable car tent is equipped with a USB port, able to give you the chance of keeping your mobile devices functioning at all times.

#3 To Go Fishing with This Fishing Umbrella

Fishing lovers will definitely love Lanmodo car tent since it doubles as a fishing umbrella. With an adjustable stand, you can use it as a fishing umbrella for your fishing spot to ensure that you are protected from the weather elements, in case that hot sunshine or rain disturbs your relaxing time. You can also go night fishing with it by plugging in LED lights to the USB port, isn't it fabulous?

#4 Promote Your Business

Have you ever considered car advertising to promote your business? Well, it's definitely a good choice with the Lanmodo folding car tent. You can customize your own car canopy with Lanmodo by printing logos or brand information on the car tent, and make them visible to passengers no matter where you are. In addition, you can use this to promote your business by giving away car tents with logos to clients and customers.

#5 Go to the Beach with Lanmodo

Lanmodo car tent is also the perfect article to hit the beach with. You will find that when you receive the tent with stand, you can easily transform it into a beach umbrella. The reason why you should take Lanmodo is that it is foldable and easy to carry, not giving you much trouble. Lanmodo car tent is really versatile and you can truly utilize it on the go in your everyday life.

#6 Go Camping with Your Family

A great camping tent can be really hard to find. Many people find that they love using Lanmodo camping tent because, first it's really convenient to take out; second, Lanmodo is truly easy to install; and third, it allows them to sleep comfortably no matter the elements around them. A good camping tent is a perfect item for families who want to spend their time together happily outside.

#7 Watch a Movie with the Car Tent

The days of drive-in movie theaters are long gone, but that does not mean that you cannot create your own theater at home. Lanmodo car tent gives you the opportunity to create a magical movie experience by using its canopy as movie screen, which will take you back in time to the drive-ins that you once visited when you were young.

Everyone wants an affordable way to enjoy life and bring to life magical experiences for their families. The Lanmodo folding car tent is the perfect car accessory that every family should and must have.

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