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Why Do You Need a Car Sun Shade in Summer?

May 10, 2019, 4:09 pm / Abigail Williams

Vehicles are an important part of our daily lives. Although they need protection throughout the year, but, in summer you need to be extra careful. The need to keep the car cool and safe from the damaging sun rays is perhaps the highest during summer. That's why car sun shade has become so popular suddenly.

Summers are accompanied by extremely harsh, scorching hot weather conditions. Considering that cars exteriors are prone to damages from the sunrays, getting a car shade would be a wise decision. Lanmodo sun shade is your best bet as it provides optimal protection to the vehicle in summer.

Adverse effects of sun rays on cars:

High temperatures can cause irrevocable damage to the vehicle if there is no shelter available. Some of the most vulnerable components are the windshield wipers, dashboard, seats, and the entire exterior portion. The negative affect of hot weather on the cooling unit and the engine is also undeniable. Let's find out how damaging sun rays could be in the absence of a car sun shade:
  1. Engine: Engine can get overheated, causing a downfall in car's performance and fuel efficiency. This is most likely to occur if weather is too hot and your vehicle is low on fluids level.
  2. Air conditioning: Having fully functional air conditioning system during hot weather is a blessing. But, this may become impossible if the vehicle becomes too hot. Due to interior heat, air conditioning unit will drain the oil rapidly due to high pressure to perform better.
  3. Exterior Issues: The combo of sun and heat is a deadly one, which can easily fade and even crack the paint. Darker shades like black, red, and blue are primarily susceptible to cracking and fading. Sun rays can also reduce the lifespan of windshield wipers.

  4. Dashboard: Ultraviolet rays from the sun and hot weather can encourage buildup of intense heat inside the vehicle that damage interior components severely. Dashboard bears the longest exposure to sun rays, while heat from the windshield also adds to the suffering. This causes it to fade quickly and appear flawed.
  5. Seats and Upholstery: Usually car seats are made from leather, which can quickly age if exposed to harsh sun rays for extended duration. It happens because the natural oils in the leather dry out due to heat and appear dry, stiff, and cracked.

Car sun shade - The choice of Responsible car owners:

Just like everything else, cars also require protection in summer, but it doesn't mean that any car sun shade would be beneficial. If you think that getting a high-quality car shade is an unnecessary investment, then it is about time you change this perspective. A reliable, durable, and sturdy car shade can make a lot of difference to your vehicle's appearance, performance, and longevity. The benefits of a quality car shade are various such as:

  1. A quality car shade will keep the inside temperature of the car low. Hence, its service life will be enhanced. You will also be protected from harsh ultraviolet radiations
  2. The pressure on cooling system will be decreased, which would prevent it from consuming excessive fuel
  3. Upholstery, dashboard, seats, and paint, etc., will not age prematurely
  4. Vehicle will perform better when there is protection from a car sun shade since the components will be in optimal condition

Where to buy a quality car sun shade?

No other car sun shade can offer such impressive protection during summer than Lanmodo sun shade. It is a product created after assessing the unexpected shifts in weather conditions during summer and demands of consumers. There are many amazing features that make Lanmodo car sun shade better than the rest.

  1. It is an automatic car sun shade that is installed easily using a wireless remote control.
  2. The shade is designed with many technically advanced features to provide maximum protection to the vehicle in extremely high temperatures. It comes with an anti-heat cloth that keeps the temperature of the car low to ensure balanced internal environment
  3. Lanmodo Pro covers nearly all car body so rain, snow and small hail cannot cause serious damage to the car
  4. Lanmodo sun shade is a feasible product for year-long car protection and a mandatory companion on your outdoor trips during summer

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