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Why Cars Overheat, What To Do About It

Mar 2, 2019, 9:34 am / Richard

Summer is the perfect season for you to go out to the beaches with your friends and have long road trips with the whole family. The warm sun is a must companion for your vacation especially if you want to achieve that sun-kissed skin that you have been dreaming about for months.

However, the problem is that the tremendous heat of sun is not good for your car. Sure, your car will take you the most beautiful places during the summer, but it is going to suffer from overheating if you don’t know how to take care of it properly. Car overheating means there’s a chance that you’ll get stuck in the middle of the road trying to figure out how to fix your car. This could be a hassle and even ruin your trip. To help you avoid this situation, here’s what you should you about car overheating!

Why Cars Overheat?

Overheating is a problem that many car owners encounter when the temperature of their vehicles goes up to a point that could damage the inside system. Although your car has a cooling system, the temperature of the environment and other factors can still contribute to your car overheating.

  1. Exposure to UV rays
  2. This is the most unavoidable factor that can cause your car to overheat. We use our cars outdoors to get to different places so it's usually exposed to hot sunshine. The harmful UV rays not only damages your paint but also increases the vehicle body temperature. If you’re going for a long drive, or if you’re going to park outside, your car is susceptible to the heat brought by the sun.

  3. Failure of cooling system
  4. Cooling system is in charge of keeping your car’s cool temperature. But as time goes by, your car experiences some breakdowns including the cooling system of your car. Your radiator can suffer from leaks and the other parts such as the hoses, water pumps, thermostat housing, and your head gasket. If you have these problems in your cooling system, then your car’s engine won’t be able to cool down properly.

  5. Radiator fans not working
  6. Another important part of your car are the radiator fans. If the fans are damaged, your car’s heat won’t be able to escape, which can also lead to overheating.

How to Deal with Car Overheating

Now that you know the car overheating causes, it’s time to look for a solution to this problem. Here are the tips that you should follow for protecting your vehicle.

  1. Park in a shady area
  2. Whenever you go out, it’s a must to look for a shady area to protect your car. As much as possible, park your car in covered parking lots. If you’re forced to park outside, try to find a tree that can provide you with shade.

  3. Invest in a car sun shade
  4. Not all of us is lucky enough to find a shady area to park all the time. And we reap the consequences of not having shade during summer. If you want to be always prepared for this kind of season, you should get a car sun shade that would protect your car.

    One of the best car sunshades that you’ll ever get is the Lanmodo car sun shade, which is made of high-quality oxford cloth and gable to provide cars with a shield against the harsh weather conditions outside. This car shade is also easy to use, just place it on your car roof and open it without hassle.

    Lanmodo can be folded into a size that would comfortably fit into your car’s trunk or even in your passenger seat. The portability of this car sun shade is what you need if you’re someone who loves to travel and have adventures. Besides, if you on an outing, this car sun shade can also transform into an outdoor umbrella that your family can use while having a picnic or while enjoying the beach. Lanmodo is an all-in-one product that would protect your car and would give your family a great time outdoors.

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