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Lanmodo: Smart Car Umbrella with Talented Design

Mar 6, 2019, 6:13 pm / Evelyn Smith
In the market most of car umbrella are traditional, big size, heavy which eventually increases the burden of car owners. Lanmodo smart car umbrella is the best in the market with talented design and multifunctional features. Leave headache of setting up the umbrella on the car as it takes just 30 seconds to install this car umbrella. Once charged it will serve you up to 45 days. It also comes with side ropes to create a powerful protective shield around your car. The entire anti-theft unbreakable ropes keep it safe. Smart design keeps the car safe from unwanted damages by falling leafs, rains, snow etc.

Built with remote control and portable power source

The innovative car umbrella relays on a wireless remote control system just one click to open and close. It lasts for 45 days on a fully charged battery.This automatic car tent will protect your car and transform into a camping tent in matter of seconds. Easy and convenient to use Lanmodo is best partner for outdoor activities. It has also got one of the most unique functions installed in it and that is it can even charge your mobile phones and the basic tools that you take in use which needs power through a charger. There is a small charging socket behind the whole structure which can assist you with power when you out on camping and on places where you don't have electric facilities you don't need to carry your portable charger to serve you.

Hail proof and snow proof features

Most of car umbrella in market just sunshade function, Lanmodo can do more. The material of the car tent possess a high compressive as well as tensile strength and the load bearing architecture constructed via fiberglass materials prevents your vehicle from daily damages. It's a four season car umbrella.It also prevents the vehicle in extremely cold weather. It sustains incredibly in hail and storm. In snowy day you can set up the automatic snow shaking system and no chaos of cleaning up the mob of snow. The four season tent is secured to the roof of the car as it resides extra strength suction cups. Two layers canopy makes it more wind proof. It can standby wind with a speed of 30 miles per hour.

Double anti-theft designs

No need to worry and imagine about the circumstances rising if someone steals your car tent when you park your car outside. Anti-theft design makes Lanmodo innovative car umbrella more susceptible in today's era and hence the car tent can provide protection all the time. Maintaining its trustworthiness in the market the Anti-theft system has been installed to prevent the unauthorized appropriation of the car tent. Theft is one of the most common and oldest criminal behavior and no one can predict what can happen the next moment so as stated "prevention is better than cure" following this car umbrella has been designed with double anti theft system rather than a single one. firstly , it cannot be folded up and taken away without the assistance of the remote. Secondly, there is an anti-theft rope with steel wires buried inside, which is unbreakable. Moreover, it can be customized as per your choice so that it can't be stolen. The steel wire adds more strength to the whole structure.

Multi-purpose functionality

The capabilities of this multifunctional car umbrella limited till car protection. Well this umbrella can also be used as a tent and easily occupy up to 7 people at a time. And also it can be transformed into a beach umbrella as it is very sustainable in high intensity wind. This sustainability makes it one of a kind. If you carry a basic version of beach umbrella you will be worried about the high tide and winds taking it away or misbalancing it and spoil your mood totally. We wanted you to have a startling time with your loved ones without any worries so we have created this multifunctional umbrella with powerful suction cups to make you carefree and you enjoy the moment to its fullest. With extra stand, transform into a beach umbrella-provide sunshade when you are doing outdoor activities such as fishing.

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