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How to Provide Shade for Your Vehicle in Summer?

Feb 7, 2019, 11:09 am / Richard

Weather is certainly one of the greatest enemies to our car and summer is not an exception, which is characterized by severe heat that can damage your car. Constant exposure to harsh UV rays can cause your paint to wear out as well as affect the interior fittings of your car. During the summer,car sun shade is very important. There are a few tips to provide your car with shade during the summer.

Park your car under a shady tree

When it comes to keeping your car safe from solar UV rays, trees are your best options. There are quite a number of reasons why a car owner will choose the cool shades of the tree to park car in the summer. But there are also pros and cons.

  1. There is no cost implication attached
  2. Parking your car under a shady tree does not require any form of payment. All that is required is for you to pick a nice free spot under a shady tree and have your car protected.

  3. Easy to find a shady place for your car
  4. Finding a shady tree to park your car is not also very difficult. You can easily find one in front of buildings and in the parks. Take advantage of these trees to protect your car from the heat.

  5. Cars parked under a tree are prone to dust and bird poop
  6. While cars parked under the tree are protected from the sun rays, you have to deal with dust and bird poop. Dust accumulation and bird poop are also not healthy for your car. They can cause discoloration of car paint to rust if not properly taken care of. Therefore, it is better to give your car some cover when parking under the tree.

Take advantage of high buildings

Shady sides of high buildings can serve as an effective sunshade for car. They are quite efficient and provides the needed protection at the moment. However, the protection provided by tall buildings are short lived.

  1. Cost effective
  2. Nobody will charge you for parking your car next to a tall building. A free parking zone next to a tall building will provide the necessary shade. Just look for the shady side of the building and park your car.

  3. Cannot guarantee long-term protection
  4. Tall buildings can only guarantee short-term protection as the direction of the sun rays keeps changing.

Place your car in a parking lot

This is the most popular way of keeping your car safe in the summer. The use of parking lot has been in practice for quite some time now. It is an effective and efficient way of protecting your car from all weather conditions.

  1. Effective protection from UV rays
  2. This is one of the most effective ways of keeping cars safe from UV rays. Parking lot is a large building that is specially designed for keeping your car safe.

  3. Expensive
  4. Parking lot is not a free place for you to place the car and will charge you parking fees by hour. For days and months, this is not a small amount. Besides, a parking lot is not always easy to find and sometimes may have no vacancy.

Invest in car sunshade

The most effective and efficient way to keep your car save in the summer is by investing in a car sunshade. There are quite a number of good car shades available that you can purchase. One of such brands is the Lanmodo car sunshade. The Lanmodo sunshade is designed with 3-ply UV treated material that is capable of protecting your car from UV rays. It acts as a barrier between your car and the sun. Hence, it prevents solar UV rays from hitting the car directly and causing damage and therefore cooling down car temperature by 36°.

When you invest in the Lanmodo, there are other functions you will enjoy. It is user-friendly and easy to install. The Lanmodo car shade can be operated conveniently via a remote control and is really portable to take out with you everywhere.

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