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5 Wonderful Ideas for Using Lanmodo Pro Outdoor Car Shelter

Mar 6, 2019, 6:10 pm / Lara
Outdoor car shelter is a mandatory item to have. It is not only good for keeping your car tidy, dust-free, and protected from damages but also excellent for improving its service life. But, is that all a car shelter can do for you? Isn't it possible to have a multi-purpose car shelter? A product that can be used in a variety of ways apart from providing shelter to your vehicle is definitely more appealing for modern-day consumers. Lanmodo Pro car shelter offers just that.

Key Features of Lanmodo Pro Car Shelter:

Forget about old-fashioned car shelters when you have the remarkable Lanmodo Pro. It is a revolutionary product, and certainly a wholesome package. Let's check out some of its amazing features:

  1. True Compatibility: Lanmodo Pro outdoor car shelter offers unmatched compatibility. It is suitable for various types of cars from sedans and SUVs to jeeps and larger vehicles.
  2. Ease-of-Use: This outdoor car shelter takes usability to a whole new level. It is a fully automatic car shelter that you can open and close easily using the wireless remote control.
  3. Portability: Nothing works as wonderfully on your outdoor trips as a fully portable car shelter. Lanmodo car shelter can comfortably be taken along while travelling and installation is done within minutes.
  4. Matchless Versatility: Lanmodo Pro is perhaps the only multi-purpose car shelter in the market. It can be used for a variety of purposes other than protecting the vehicle.

5 Creative Ways of Using Lanmodo Pro Car Shelter:

1. Camping tent

Many times, the weather becomes too cold to stay out while camping. During such trying times, Lanmodo Pro outdoor car shelter provides you ample coverage. It is a creatively designed car shelter that serves as a camping tent when required. You can transform it into a full-fledge house if you need cozy environment. By installing extra umbrella cloths and fixing the tent with a portable stand, your job will be done. The camping tent will be so large that 7 persons can be easily accommodated. You can confidently carry it along on your camping, picnics or other recreational trips.

2. Night party

When you are camping out, there aren't too many entertainment options for you to enjoy at nighttime. All that we can think of is setting up bonfire and having live BBQ. These done-to-death ideas of having fun have now become too boring. Lanmodo versatile outdoor car shelter lets you have amazing private party with your folks simply by adding colorful LED lights to the camping tent. Imagine the combination of cool environment, music, and joyful atmosphere, how wonderful it is!

3. Outdoor Movie Theater

Another interesting idea to have a fun-filled time on your next outdoor activity is to convert umbrella cloths into a large screen to create your personal movie theatre. You may not need to take complete projector system along as well. Nowadays we have smart phones equipped with built-in movie projector. You would just need movies of your choice downloaded onto your smart phone and a movie projector app to enjoy a memorable movie night with your family on your camping trip. That too without paying for the tickets!

4. A stand for small business

During summer vacations, we often fall short of creative ideas to make the most of the leisurely hours. An excellent option is to do a small business activity such as selling lemon tea or having a garden sale to sell second-hand items. If you don't have a dedicated stand to do so, don't worry, Lanmodo has sorted it out for you. You can use Lanmodo pro outdoor car shelter to build a stand. You won't feel tired or disturbed throughout the day as this umbrella will keep you protected from harsh sun rays. Moreover, it will be spacious enough to offer shelter to the products on sale.

5. Fishing umbrella

We all want to enjoy the serene environment and the thrilling adventure of catching live fishes. But, the hot weather conditions aren't always feasible for fishing. After all, who can stand for hours under the scorching sun? Lanmodo Pro has resolved this problem as well by creating world's most versatile outdoor car shelter. It can be used as a fishing umbrella to get the much needed shelter while fishing. To fix the umbrella, Lanmodo provides an adjustable, stable stand. Another great advantage of Lanmodo Pro is that you can enjoy night fishing too by plugging in LED lights to the USB port.

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