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Why My Car Gets Scratched, What to Do About It?

Apr 12, 2019, 9:56 am / Evelyn Smith

Having a car is easy, the more difficult part is to maintain it in good condition. You have to invest and take care of it the best you can because if you don't, the vehicle will end up with damages and depreciate quickly. The most common problem that car owners have to face are car scratches, which may stress you out since your precious car paint is vulnerable to scratches every time you drive it around. Luckily, you can do something about it! Here are some tips that you should do to make your gorgeous car safe from harmful elements around it.

The most common ways car paint gets scratched

In order to prevent scratches, you have to know first the most common ways that vehicles get scratched, therefore you'd be able to avoid them and give your car body protection that it needs.

  1. Car keys scratch the car body
  2. We need car keys to operate the vehicle that we own. However, these things are also sharp enough to scratch the surface of your car if you're not careful enough. There might also be some situations where the kids are playing with the car keys and they accidentally scratch the paint with the keys. To prevent car scratch from happening, put your car keys in a safe place and don't let kids play with them.

  3. Incorrect car wash
  4. As much as you want to keep your vehicle by your side all the time, there would be days where you'll have to bring it to the car wash and leave it on the hands of strangers. While most car wash services are done by professionals, mishandling can still occur. Incorrect car wash methods can bring scratches to your vehicle as well. Avoid this by only going to a car wash store that you trust. It is also best to look for a car wash that is reliable and recommended by your friends and family.

  5. Falling objects
  6. Another common problem is a falling object. If you don't park your car under some protection, it is at risk of falling branches and debris that might cause a painful scratch, or worse, dents to your vehicle.

How to deal with car scratch

When your car gets scratched, you'll feel frustrated and angry because it also means that it would cost you a lot to repair. But don't be too sad because there are several ways you can do to lessen the damage and protect your car.

  1. Buy a car paint repair kit
  2. When you face car paint scratch, don't panic! Don't hurry to the nearest repair store immediately. The first thing that you need to do is to evaluate the damage. Take a look and see how deep and how long the scratch is. If it's not too big, you might be able to save yourself from a lot of cost by using a car paint repaint kit. This would not cost as much as a repaint because you'll be doing the work all by yourself. However, you have to be careful when choosing a DIY. Ask for other people's help if needed.

  3. Buy an outdoor car shelter
  4. Like what they say, prevention is better than cure. If you want to skip all the stress of repairing a car scratch, then you should give your car the tender loving care that it needs. Start by using a Lanmodo outdoor car shelter. This is one of the best ways to protect your car from dents and scratches. It gives your car a shield from the harmful elements it is exposed to when parking outside. Remember those days when you can't find a covered parking space? If you want to avoid this problem, Lanmodo will be the shelter that you can bring anywhere. It has a folding structure so you can comfortably keep it in your car trunk. Besides, Lanmodo outdoor car shelter has automatic and semi-auto type to choose from, both are easy to install. Lanmodo will be your best buddy on the road, so don't hesitate on investing in this brilliant product that car owners around the world love.

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