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Why My Car Gets Rust, What To Do About This

Mar 13, 2019, 11:25 am / Abigail Williams

Rust is a very unpleasant sight to behold on a car. It is a reaction that takes place when oxygen reacts with the metal and is facilitated by the presence of moisture. If not quickly taken care of, rust can basically reduce a car to dust! There are certain things that cause car rust. Catching the sight of even the smallest patch of rust can be disturbing. If you're a car owner, you know dealing with rust is necessary.

Why the car gets rust?

There are quite a number of reasons that can lead to car rust. However, the most common causes are always related to weather conditions. Cars are mostly made of metal and rust occurs when metal comes in contact with moisture. Though cars are now being coated with steel to slow down or prevent rust, overexposure to moisture still leads to rust. Cars rust faster if the owners live by the seaside, which is because salt and water facilitate rust.
Constant exposure of cars to conditions such as rainfall and sunshine can increase the chances of rust. Therefore, as a car owner, keeping your car safe in such weather should be of utmost importance to you. It is important to be aware of conditions that encourage rust so as to know what to do to prevent or slow down the rusting process.

The dangers of rust

Rust not only makes the car look ugly, but also can cause a lot of damages to a car exterior, which may cost much money to repair. Once rust starts to attack a car's frame, it can weaken the vehicle and make it unsafe for driving. A weak frame cannot provide the necessary protection if an accident occurs. Rust can also spread from the car frame to other parts of the car such as the brakes, fuel lines, and suspension. A rusted brake can lead to horrible disaster sometimes.
The vehicle electronic systems that have metallic parts are also installed close to other metallic components of the vehicle. This makes them susceptible to rust. If the electronic systems are attacked by rust, the car can develop serious electrical problems.

How to detect rust

In most cases, rust goes unnoticed at the beginning until it spreads. It is important to be able to detect rust as soon as it starts in order to handle it immediately. The areas around the tires and under the car are most prone to rust. This is due to the fact that they come in contact with water and dirt more often. Here are some ways to detect rust.

  1. Most times, car rust can start as a simple discoloration or patch on a portion of the car. Watch out for any form of discoloration on your car.
  2. Look for flaking and peeling paint on any part of the car. Most often the peeling paint will fall off to reveal rust. The flaking usually starts with the formation of a bubble on the surface of the paint. Check for these bubbles too.
  3. Periodically check the joints and bumper of the car where two pieces of metal meet and can hold moisture. Those places are susceptible to rust.

How to prevent car rust

There are ways to prevent or slow down rust,at least preventing is better than crying.

  1. Use Lanmodo portable car shelter. Lanmodo car shelter is a good choice for you. First, it can cover the car body of most cars, preventing it from rain, dust and cleaning agents that might cause rust. Second, the car shelter is portable, you can take it out easily and protect the vehicle anytime and anywhere. Third, Lanmodo car shelter is made of high-quality material, durable enough.

  1. For owners of cars who live in high moisture environments like the seaside, the car should be waxed at least every two weeks. This prevents the salt and water mixture from starting the rusting process.
  2. Ensure that the car floor dries up completely after washing before using the car again. This is to avoid retaining any moisture that could cause rust.

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