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What You Need to Know About Electric Car

Mar 13, 2019, 11:45 am / Evelyn Smith

There are a bunch of car models that you can choose from the market right now. From basic and small sedans to large SUV's, vans, and gorgeous sports car, these cars can give you every feature that you need to get to your destination and of course, enjoy the whole ride. Some of the latest and growing variants of cars right now are electric cars. Remember the last time you watched a sci-fi movie and saw an electric car? These vehicles are not just a work of fiction anymore.

We've seen various car makers release their own versions of electric cars and it's a thrilling sight to behold; increasingly more people are considering changing their gas-powered vehicle into an electric vehicle. It's not hard to understand why these people were so eager to get this new car model. It's fuel efficient, saves you money, and even helps the environment. However, before making a decision, you must check out this electric car review first.

1. About Electric Car Cost

  1. Higher Sales Price

Before you switch to an electric vehicle, one of the things that you must consider is the overall cost that you have to face when you purchase the car. The sad reality is that, purchasing an electric car is more expensive than buying a gas-powered vehicle today. Compared to a $20,000 sedan, there's a huge difference that you need to think about if you're thinking of buying an electric vehicle that is worth around $30,000 - $35,000. The good news is that some governments are offering grants for buying electric car, for example, the UK government gives a grant of up to £4,500.

The price tags of electric vehicles can be discouraging especially at first glance. However, when you look at the performance and the features of an electric car deeper, you will discover that they would be able to save you money because they are fuel efficient.

  1. Cheaper Maintenance Cost

Compared to petrol or diesel, filling up your car with electricity is undeniably cheaper. Electric cars are estimated to give you a savings of up to $840 per year. This is a pretty great saving. Instead of putting this amount of money to gas every year, you would be able to spend it on much important things!

Another great thing about electric cars is that they can save you from high maintenance costs. Unlike gas-powered cars, electric vehicles are not in need of fuel change or cooling system maintenance. With electric cars, you don't have to worry about forgetting to add oil or take your car to maintenance because they have a more efficient car structure inside.

2. About Electric Car maintenance

If you don't give your electric car maintenance, you might end up spending more money for the repair than what you need for a gas-powered vehicle.

  1. Battery Maintenance

The most important part that you need to take care of is the battery. An electric car's battery the most expensive part of an electric car but luckily, there are great warranty programs offered by car companies.

In order to extend the life of your battery, you might want to follow the two tips: Don't deep-discharge your battery pack; Find a good parking shade during hot days, and a garage to park during the winter.

  1. Car Exterior Maintenance

Just like traditional cars, your electric car is at risk to scratches and other damages caused by the environment. And since electric cars are still quite new in the market, you might find it difficult to find replacement parts when your car gets damaged. Luckily, there are also advanced products like Lanmodo portable car shelter. This is the world's first automatic car shelter that is perfect when you have an electric car.

Just like electric car models, Lanmodo is more efficient than traditional car shelters. It can be opened or closed with remote control and doesn't take long before it's fully installed on your car roof. It is made of strong materials that would protect your car from dropping objects and bird wastes. Aside from these, Lanmodo can also protect your battery from getting damaged by the unpredictable weather. It offers a good shade and a shelter during the winter and summer season.

3. About its life service

While the batteries of these new electronic vehicles are sophisticatedly designed to last long rides, it still has its limitations and could wear out after a certain number of years. If you are worried about the service given to electric vehicles, then you would be at ease finally to know the warranty period offered by car sellers are usually 8 years/ 100,000 mile so you still have time to prepare for the next car battery, or you could follow the above maintenance tips to make your battery's life last longer.

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