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Wave Goodbye to Bulky Carport with Lanmodo Portable Car Shelter

Mar 13, 2019, 8:23 pm / Evelyn Smith

As one of the smart car gadgets to hit the market lately, portable car shelter quickly gains the attention of car owners who want to protect their car from harsh weather elements. Before its emergence, the bulky fixed carport was generally used. They were the love-to-hate choice of car owners. While they served their purposes, they had a lot of disadvantages.

The Disadvantages of Fixed Carport:

  1. High cost
  2. Fixed carports are often expensive. This attributes to the material used in manufacturing them. The materials consist of metal, wood, and aluminum. These materials are expensive and need special conditions to ensure usage.

  3. Complicated installation
  4. The bulky carport often needs some level of professionalism and skill to install. It is not something that is easy to install by anyone. Sometimes, you have to spend extra cash to hire a professional to help you do the installation.

  5. Heavy, cannot be moved to protect car outside
  6. Bulky carports, with more focus on strength rather than mobility, are usually heavy and fixed at a spot. They can only protect your car when it s parked outside. What if you are traveling and need car protection?

  7. Difficult maintenance
  8. Bulky carports like the wooden carport can be difficult to maintain, which need more frequent maintenance than the other types of carports. Metal carport is vulnerable to sunshine and rain while insects can be a great enemy to the wooden carport. It is thus required that you check it from time to time to see if there are any signs of insect attack on them. A damaged wooden carport can be expensive to maintain or even to replace. The case is not different for the metal carport and other fixed carports. They can be a beauty to behold but at the same time a headache to maintain.

The Benefits of Lanmodo Portable Car Shelter:

With years of observation on the disadvantages of the conventional bulky car shelters, the lanmodo brand has created a new kind of portable car shelter, which is designed for noth portability and durability. When you purchase the Lanmodo car shelter, there are a lot of benefits you will gain.

  1. Automatic control system for opening and closing the car shelter
  2. The Lanmodo automatic car shelter is user-friendly and designed to work with a remote control. The whole installation process for the product takes less than 3 minutes: just place the car shelter on car roof, push the remote and then install the anti-theft and windproof belts for further strength. The device takes less than 10 seconds to spread out when you click the remote. The same applies to closing the device. It saves you a lot of stress and the inconvenience of having to setting up those ordinary car covers.

  3. Portable to take out
  4. The Lanmodo is designed to replace the bulky ones. It is easy to pack and put in car trunk in case you need to use it during a outdoor trip. The Lanmodo portable car shelter is design for portability. What can be more portable than a car shelter that can be folded and unfolded? Take this car shelter anywhere you want at ease and ensure your car stays protected.

  5. Four-season car protection
  6. Weather is the greatest enemy of your new car. One of the key features that draw people to a car shelter is its effectiveness. Every car owner wants a car shelter that can protect his car from the four seasons. Lanmodo car shelter is designed with a solid steel frame, capable of providing support and stability. This three-ply water resistant cover can withstand hail and snow build-up. It prevents melting snow water from dripping n top of your car and spoiling your car paint. The Lanmodo mobile car shelter is UV treated and prevents the UV rays of the sun from heating your car directly.

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