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Top 3 Reasons to Go with a Foldable Car Shelter

Mar 6, 2019, 6:04 pm / Brian Lageose
It is a common perception that vehicles can only be safely parked inside a garage. Regardless of the available space, a garage is considered mandatory. However, the trend has changed tremendously and everything is getting modernized. Now, you have an alternate solution to avoid building an oversized garage, which is a portable folding car shelter.
Foldable car shelter, foldable mobile garage, and collapsible car shelter all refer to the same product. It is an excellent new way to shelter your vehicle conveniently. Let's find out more about the amazing foldable shelters that have made garages look like a thing of the past.

What is a Foldable Car Shelter?

A folding car shelter is shaped like a tent and created from high strength, galvanized steel tube and top-quality waterproof fabric. The fabric is usually made of breathable, 200 to 300D high-strength, woven polyester material. It is similar to a car garage but isn't made of concrete. Normally, there is a 2” gap between the frame and hem of the cover to ensure that the tent can deal with high humidity.

The color and size of the shelter can be customized easily according to your liking. The foldable car shelter is suitable for all small to large sized saloon cars, SUVs, Jeeps, and other vehicles. Some foldable car shelters come with a wireless remote control while some need to be manually fixed. A foldable car shelter offers an excellent semi-permanent storage option especially to those who don't have a brick built garage to park vehicles. It is the perfect option for those who live in apartments, or are frequently moving.

Top 3 Reasons of Choosing a Folding Car Shelter:

  1. Optimal Convenience and Portability:
It is also called a portable folding car shelter because it can be folded when not in use. This means, you can take it along on excursions, camping, picnics, and just about anywhere. The foldable mobile garage can be stored easily as well, as it occupies minimal space and can be opened or closed within minutes.
  1. Excellent Protection to the Vehicle:
A collapsible car shelter can withstand all sorts of weather calamities. It offers excellent protection to the vehicle from many damaging issues such as sunlight, dirt, dust, snow, and rain. Moreover, it can prevent the car from receiving human injuries like scratches.
  1. Install Wherever you Want To:
Nothing can be more convenient than having a reliable folding car shelter because it allows you to park your vehicle whenever and wherever you want. You don't need to worry about finding a home with dedicated garage and compromise upon your expenses. The foldable car shelter can be erected anywhere whether it is a parking lot or an apartment building, a villa, factory or yard. It will be impossible to switch back to the traditional garages when you start using it.

The Best Foldable Car Shelter in the Market:

Lanmodo folding car shelter is an amazing product that can be set up conveniently within a minute. With the additional option of fully customizable colors, now you can have a folding car shelter of your choice. There are so many unique aspects that make it stand out from the other collapsible car shelters. Here is a brief overview of Lanmodo portable folding car shelter.
  1. Lanmodo is perfect for nearly all types of cars from sedan to hatchback, and small cars to luxury cars. It comes with an auto fold and unfold feature and can be installed easily with one-touch wireless remote controller.
  2. Durability of the product is ensured with the structure of strong fiberglass and metal and the canopy is made from high-quality 210 Oxford cloth and is pretty easy to clean and maintain in the long run.
  3. Lanmodo keeps your car cool from front to the rear by lowering the temperature to up to 35 ℃ / 95 ℉. It is designed with latest technology and can protect your car in different weather conditions like snow, rain and hail.
  4. It is equipped with a double anti-theft system: first, others cannot move the Lanmodo car shelter because it can only be closed with the wireless remote control; second, it has an anti-theft rope containing steel wires that cannot be cut easily.

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