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The Dos and Don'ts to Have a Long-lasting Vehicle

Mar 11, 2019, 5:22 pm / Abigail Williams
Owning your dream car is something that is very special to you. All the life you struggle for living and finally you save some money to buy the car that is very dear to you. A car is still a valuable piece of product for a family; most people want to extend the life of a vehicle. Proper maintenance of the vehicle is essential to have a long-lasting car. As the owner of the vehicle, keeping your vehicle in good shape is your responsibility.
Here is a list of Dos and Don'ts that will help you protect your car.

DO buy an all-weather car shelter

Weather can drastically damage your vehicle. During the summer, the temperature inside your car will make you uncomfortable. Whereas in winter, it will be difficult for you to remove the snowfall from the top of your vehicle. During autumn, the dust from fallen leaves affects your car. Buying an all-weather car shelter that comes with functions such as sunshade or hail proof is best option to protect your vehicle for the long duration. In the market, there are car shelters that are still traditional and lack many features. However, Lanmodo car shelter is one such option that you can opt for during such harsh weather conditions. It is designed with strong fibreglass structure and multi-layer oxford cloth canopy, what's better, Lanmodo all-weather car shelter is so portable that it can be taken anywhere with you. So you can enjoy a ride in any weather as summer sun rays, winter snowfall, spring rain and autumn leaves will be taken care of by Lanmodo car shelter.

DON'T ignore minor repairs

You need to maintain your car on a regular basis so that you do not need to call your mechanic to fix your vehicle. Sometimes, the mechanic is not able to see the problems within your car. Maybe it is due to the rough shape of the vehicle. Whenever you find your car air conditioner not working smoothly, or car paint damaged a bit then do not ignore the problem and instantly repair it from your end. Check your car's battery and keep an alternate option if your battery runs out. Make sure that you have a tester of charger inside your vehicle.

DO drive responsibly

Haphazard driving may result in road accidents, and you will undoubtedly damage your car as it will get stuck with some other vehicles on the road. Driving safely considering all the traffic rules is significant to avoid such road accidents. You need to make sure that you attach your seat belt while driving as the strap provides enough safety for the driver. Make sure that you concentrate on the road and avoid your hand phones or playing games while driving. Be responsible and understand the impact of the road accident on your dream vehicle. For the long lasting vehicle, make sure that you drive mindfully.

DON'T leave your car in the dust

Dust that is gathered on your car may uglify your car and damage the car body. Do not forget to clean the corrosion with a soft brush as it will help in maintaining your car accessories for a long time. During autumn, you may face lots of problem with the dust from fallen leaves. Make a schedule to clean your car on a regular basis as the dust may result in color fading of your vehicle. Car protection should be given top most priority so that you indeed extend the life of your car. Make sure that your vehicle is dust free and hygienic to prevent car accessories from any erosion.

DO periodically check car fluids

Dipstick in the engine lets you inspect the oil in your car. The dipstick is marked with max and min indicators that show how much oil is in your engine. Regularly check your car fluids so that you are ready for your drive at any point in time. These days, car brakes are hydraulic, and the fluid helps in connecting the pedal to the brakes. Every time, when you step on the accelerator, a plunger pressurizes the brake fluid inside the lines that result in the brake pads to clamp on the rotors. This impacts and slows your car. For this reason, it is essential to check your car fluids.

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