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The DOs and DON'Ts To Be a Qualified Car Owner

Mar 12, 2019, 6:22 pm / Evelyn Smith

The first step to becoming a qualified car owner is by purchasing a car. This is however, the easy part. The more difficult part of becoming a professional car owner is maintaining your new car. Car maintenance is crucial and should not be neglected. To enjoy your new car for a longer time and be classified as a professional car owner, there are a a list of DOs and DON'Ts below one should adhere to:

DO provide four-season car protection

One of the greatest enemies of our new car is the weather. Different weather conditions pose different kinds of risk to our new car all year round. You need to protect your car from the solar UV rays as well as hail and snow. These weather conditions require different kinds of protection. Luckily, the Lanmodo all-weather car shelter is designed to offer four-season car protection.

Lanmodo consists two parts: the strong fiberglass structure and durable Oxford canopy, making it a reliable product for your car. This all-weather car shelter has been tested to cool down car temperature in hot summer as well as protect your car from hail and snow in cold winter. Besides, Lanmodo car shelter, unlike those traditional and bulky garages, is relatively lightweight and can be taken anywhere to give your car needed protection.

DON'T ignore minor repairs

Often times, car owners tend to overlook minor damages to their car while focusing on the bigger ones. It is advisable to treat all noticeable damages to your car as very important. While some damages may appear minor at first, neglecting them will cause them to expand. Minor cracks on the windshield can be dangerous. If not repaired it can cause the cracks to spread all over the windshield. This leads us to the next very important point to take note of.

DO give your car a regular check

Giving your car a regular check once in a while is not an easy task. However, a regular check is very important and crucial. When checking your car there are important parts to watch out for.

  1. Check your tire constantly

It is very important to check your car tires often to ensure they are in good condition. Ensure that your tires are inflated to the appropriate pressure, which will ensure a safer and longer driving experience. It is also very important to replace worn out tires to avoid unwanted circumstances. Ensure to check your tire thread constantly and ensure they are at least 1.6mm. The better your car tires, the better the performance of your car.

  1. Car fluids

Ensure to always maintain the correct coolant level for your car. This can help prevent overheating and engine breakdown. Before refilling your car coolant, ensure that the engine is completely cooled down because pressurized coolants can spray hot water. Check your brake fluids and gear fluids, ensure they are at the normal level before driving. These are important safety measures to adhere to make you a professional car owner.

DON'T smoke in the car

While it is common to find people smoking in cars, it is a very dangerous practice. Smoking in the car increases the level of pollution in the car making it harmful for the occupants, especially children. Smoking inside the car can also constitute harm to the car interior. Cigarettes leave behind an odor that is very tough to get rid of. Cigarette smokes can discolor any fabric it comes in contact with. This means that smoking constantly in the car will dramatically reduce your car quality.

DO wash your car regularly

One important factor that can help you maintain the good looks of your car is by giving it a regular wash. Dirt and dust particles accumulate over time on your car body. If not properly taken care of, they can cause damage to your car paints. In severe cases, they can even cause your car to begin to rust. It is therefore important to ensure your car gets a proper and regular washing. When washing your car, it is important to also keep in mind that there are different washing techniques suitable for different weather conditions. What is proper for the car in summer may not be suitable for cars during the winter.

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