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Spring Maintenance Hacks for Your Vehicle

Mar 13, 2019, 8:24 pm / Abigail Williams

Are you one among those many who spent their winter days expecting and planning about the road trips, which would be a part of spring activities? Winter is almost over and as the temperature is on the rise, you must get ready to put your travel plans to action. However, before hitting the road you need to maintain your car in good condition. In order to get a head start, follow the spring car maintenance hacks we have prepared for you.

Change car oil

The changing color of the leaves and the budding trees urge every car owner to change the oil. If you changed the special winter oil, then it is a great time to change back the oil now. It is also the best time to flush away the existing transmission fluid in your car, which is the best way to keep your car running and your engine free from every trouble, however, this important task is often overlooked. When you neglect this essential task, it will affect the performance of the engine, lead to greater consumption of fuel, and result in severe and massive engine damage.

Adjust tire pressure

It is a strange thing that taking care of the tire pressure as the temperature changes is so easily overlooked. When there is a drop in temperature the air begins to contract, which has an impact on the molecules and causes the tires to lose pressure before you even realize your tires are not suitable for driving. You obviously can't do anything about the weather, however, there is something that you can do. Adjust the tire pressure when the weather changes abruptly, this will dramatically save a lot of money and ensure your safety on the road.

Spring cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, nothing holds as much importance as thorough spring cleaning. But, the sad thing is we only associate this form of major and deep cleaning with our homes and completely miss out on our cars. This year extends the horizons of your spring cleaning and include your second largest investment (which is your car) in the process. After the end of a long winter your car desperately needs it. Both inside and out. Dirt, dust, salt, sand, and debris don't just coat the exterior of your precious car, but are also present on the floor mats and between the seats. Proceed with your deep cleaning by washing the car thoroughly and then spraying on the floor mats. Once the floor mats are taken care of, take them out and vacuum the crevices and the floor. You must also vacuum the seats. Use upholstery cleaner to get rid of stains. Finish the entire process by coating your car with wax.

Lanmodo Car Shelter - The ultimate protection for your car

No car owner in his or her right frame of mind will leave their cars to be ruined by dirt, acid rain, snow, and dust. This is the primary reason why car owners protect their cars at all times of the year. Lanmodo outdoor car shelter will protect your car from winter to spring. The features that this car shelter offers are beneficial all year long. The automatic design along with the easy to carry around structure and portability makes this car shelter so amazing. It will act as a shield anytime, anyplace. All you have to do is flick a switch on the remote.

During the spring, Lanmodo outdoor car shelter can keep dead leaves, bird droppings, dust, and other unwanted material away from your car. It will protect your car when you leave it outside. Lanmodo is the ultimate solution when it comes to protecting your car.

When you spend thousands of dollars on a car, you need to do all it takes to protect it from damage. No matter how mesmerizing your car looks or how extravagant its features are when exposed the outside weather conditions, it can lose its charm. Once you take care of all the requirements we just mentioned, it will be easier for you to enjoy the beauty and colors of spring the way it is meant to.

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