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Protect Your Car Paint with these 5 Brilliant Tips

Mar 13, 2019, 2:35 pm / Richard

Nothing draws the eyes of the admirers like a well-kept car with its dazzling paint. It's not rocket science to understand that the tiniest bug or those bird droppings can ruin your car's paint. After an expensive paint job, this is the last thing you want for your favorite toy. You may want to consider ways of protecting the paint job and make it last longer. We have jotted down five of the most useful tips that are sure to keep your car gleaming for the longest duration.

1. Apply paint protection film

Soon after you get a paint job, you may want to consider applying a paint protection film over your new car paint. It will protect your car's paint and will not ruin the looks as it is a transparent film. It will last for almost 5 years, which is an effective investment. It will protect the paint job from tar, grime, heat, UV radiations, dust, rocks flying from the road, etc. It is best if you get it applied for the car's entire external surface, however, you can also just get it applied at certain areas like the front and back bumpers.

2. Use Lanmodo Portable Folding Car Shelter

Another way you can consider protecting your car paint from external forces is by using Lanmodo foldable car shelter. The reason why it's portable is that it can be extended when being used and folded back when being closed, really convenient to put it in car trunk and take out with you.

The foldable car shelters is big enough to cover vehicles like SUVs, sedans, and even trucks. It has military fiberglass architectures with durable 210D Oxford cloth strength that offers protection to your car's paint in all the seasons. Because of the size of the shelter, your car paint hardly gets dusty and dirty. The tent is washable, so you don't have to worry about your car's paint nor keeping the tent clean. Whether it is bird droppings, rain, or any other falling objects, Lanmodo folding car shelter will protect your car.

You will be delighted to know that the shelter can withstand wind with the speed level of up to 30 mph with all the windproof straps fixed closely. Lanmodo foldable car shelter not only provides car protection but also makes your outdoor adventures enjoyable by turning into an outdoor umbrella and camping tent.

3. Use a clay bar

If you want to really remove all the grime and dirt off your car to protect the paint, then shampoo and water are not enough. You have to use a clay bar to give that absolute clean look to your car. Clay bar is a resin mixture that comes with a lot of elasticity. Before using a clay bar on your car, it is very important to lubricate the surface of the car. First, you have to wash your car with shampoo. Then rub the clay bar along the surface of the car. As you continue, you will see all the grime and contaminants sticking on the clay bar.

4. Wax and apply paint sealant

Waxing your car and applying a sealant over it is another way of protecting the expensive paint job. Wax is a natural substance while the sealant is a synthetic one. In order to apply wax and sealant, you have to get your car's surface washed, clayed, and polished. Then apply wax and provide extra protection with the sealant. Together, they save your car's paint from the harsh effects of UV radiations, water spots, and scratches. You can go a step ahead in car paint protection by applying a glass coating over your wax car. This is sure to protect your car's paint for a year.

5. Use non-abrasive car wash methods

When you put your car through automatic conveyor-belt for a car wash, it does more than just washing your car. It uses abrasive nylon brushes that are sure to leave scratches on your car paint. Brushless car cleaning method can also result in car paint damage. They use high-speed water jets to clean your car. These jets are sure to damage the paint in worst ways. The best alternative for both the above methods is steam cleaning. Or even the best way is to manually wash your pet car with your hands

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