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Lanmodo Pro Car Shelter Keeps Your Car Safe in Winter

Mar 11, 2019, 4:47 pm / Abigail Williams
The winter is just by the corner and if you are a car owner, you will understand how difficult it is to protect your car from this harsh weather. The good news is that, after years of careful research and material testing, Lanmodo has released its brand of winter car shelter. The Lanmodo winter car shelter is designed to provide a lasting solution to problems associated with keeping your car safe throughout the winter.

1. How can Lanmodo Pro car shelter keep your car safe in winter?

3-layer PU silver coated Oxford cloths

Lanmodo Pro winter car shelter is designed with 3-layer PU silver coated oxford material. This material helps to keep the car warm and preserve heat. This is because it prevents snow from landing directly on the car and forming a heavy mass that will cause your car temperature to drop drastically. The Oxford material is also durable and waterproof. This means no more ice water leaking onto your car to cause visible damage to your paint.

Military fiberglass material

The Lanmodo winter car shelter is designed to ensure that your car is completely protected from the snow and hail. The production material consists of high-quality military fiberglass. The military fiberglass is an essential material used to improve the strength of the car shelter. The solid structure is designed to withstand hail, snow and other falling objects and also provide support. It is also lightweight and ensures your car does not carry so much weight.

Windproof design

The ergonomic design also comes with four windproof straps that help to keep the car shelter firmly attached in case the winter is accompanied by wind. The wind straps are designed to be affixed on the side mirrors and the door handles. You no longer have to be afraid of the wind blowing off your car shelter.

2. What distinguishes Lanmodo Pro from other winter car shelters?

Open and close automatically with a remote control

The Lanmodo portable car shelter comes with a remote control and takes only 8 seconds to open once you push the button. It is user-friendly and efficient. This winter car shelter is easy to install, only one man can well handle the installation process.It can also serve effectively not only during the winter but also in other weather conditions.

Portable design

The Lanmodo Pro winter car shelter is very portable. It is mounted on the car and can be carried about everywhere. The lightweight high-quality material ensures that your car does not carry more weight than is expected. It is not so bulky when closed and spreads out to provide much coverage. It also comes with windproof straps to ensure the structure stays firm even during the wind. Lanmodo car shelter ensures that you are well protected anytime and anywhere. The snow can have disastrous consequences when the snow meets you suddenly, but you certainly cannot tell where the next wave of snow will be hitting you. Therefore, it is important to be prepared at all times. With the Lanmodo, you are assured that your car is in good condition and safe. Whenever and wherever the snow meets you, the security of your car is assured by just a click of the button.

Anti-theft belt to ensure its safety

The Lanmodo car shelter comes with an anti-theft belt made of steel wires. This belt is attached from a suction base to ensure that your car shelter is safe. This helps to keep the car shelter securely in place and protect it from theft even when you're not there watching. You no longer need to be afraid of losing your car shelter to hoodlums.

Customize car shelter to meet your style and taste

For those who love to do things their own way and those who love to appear unique with their looks, the Lanmodo portable car shelter offers you the opportunity to customize your car shelter the way you love it. When purchasing Lanmodo car shelter , you have the option to choose from some of our unique designs or to go for a custom look. Lanmodo provides customized brands for those who either wish to advertise their products or those who wish to go for a unique view that passes a unique message. You can now go from the simple look to a more complex design that helps you to stand out in from the crowd.

When it comes to selecting the best car shelter for winter, you certainly don't need to compromise quality. The Lanmodo car shelter is designed to stand up to the challenge that comes with winter. Therefore, investing in one today will ensure that you enjoy a long-lasting benefit.

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