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Lanmodo All-weather Car Shelter--the Best Present for Your New Vehicle

Mar 12, 2019, 4:44 pm / Brian Lageose
Alexandra Paul rightly said, “The cars we drive say a lot about us.” We all love cars and appreciate the comfort that it brings to our lives. When we purchase a new car, one inherent wish we all have is to help our cars look forever young and new. But again, we also know the concept of depreciation… Sigh!
Is car protection even a thing? Well, we say yes! It is possible to protect your car and prevent it from getting damaged against the harsh weather conditions, and more, with the help of a car shelter! Lanmodo all-weather car shelter is probably the most priceless thing you could gift your vehicle!

So, what is the Lanmodo all-weather car shelter all about?

When you think of car protection, be it against the scorching sun, or the storms, what comes to your mind? Anything apart from a carport or a garage? We don't think so! However, now you can think beyond these traditional forms of car shelters.
  1. Since Lanmodo all-weather car shelter has been introduced in the market, the passionate car lovers have found a new way to protect their cars! The car shelter will give you the impression of an umbrella and swiftly provide proper protection to your vehicle against any extreme weather condition. It can be easily mounted on the top of your car and can be set automatically with just one click of the wireless remote controller!
  1. What's more? The Lanmodo car shelter takes only 8 seconds to open or close, and only half a minute for the entire installation process to complete. If you fully charge it once, the car shelter can be used for about 45 days at a stretch.
  1. There are two variants of Lanmodo car shelter when it comes to sizes. One being Lanmodo, and the other is the Lanmodo Pro. Choose the one that would be appropriate to your car size. It can be used for all types of car including Mini, 4-wheel beach vehicle, Jeep, Pickup, Sedan, and SUV. The Lanmodo car shelter is also of two types, one is the semi-auto type, and the other is the automatic type which can be operated with the help of a wireless remote control.
  1. If you fear some robber will steal your precious gift to your car, do not worry! The car shelter comes with an uncuttable anti-thiefbelt for enhanced security.

What are the super powers of a Lanmodo all-weather car shelter?

  1. The ‘all-weather' tag in the product's name itself must have given you the hint that the Lanmodo car shelter has the power to protect your car against any and every weather condition. To elaborate: during the spring season, it can protect your car against rain water corrosion. When it's summer, it can help to cool your car's temperature down by providing maximum shelter. In the autumn season, it can ward off bird droppings and prevent accumulation of fallen leaves on the roof. During winters, the shelter will protect your car from damage caused by hailstorms or heavy snowfall. We would not forget to mention that the Lanmodo four-season car shelter can withstand strong and gushing winds up to about 30 mph.
  1. It can easily be termed as a multi-purpose car shelter because it is just not limited to cars. Due to its portable nature, you can carry the tent anywhere and use it as per your convenience. You can use it as a beach umbrella or a yard umbrella and protect yourself from the burning sun rays. You can also set it up near a lake, use it as a fishing umbrella and provide yourself a good shade in a hot and sunny afternoon. With the help of a few extra umbrella clothes and some LED lights, you can transform the Lanmodo car shelter into an LED tent fit for camping that is big enough to fit in at least 7 people!

Purchasing this all-in-one portable car shelter that can make your car look shiny and youthful for a long, long time, is one decision you wouldn't ever regret taking! This car shelter is the ultimate present for your car, and your vehicle simply wants it bad. Go for it!

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